ELogistics and International Supply Chain Management

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&nbsp.According to the present day context, the aerospace industry of Singapore incorporates a major set of factors that are subjected to attain the interest and attention of the global marketers to expand their manufacturing plants (Low, 2001). In relation to an in-depth understanding of the case, it has been critically recognized that the external environmental factors along with adequate resources and capabilities associated with the Seletar Aerospace Park in Singapore are highly effective for the international manufacturers to produce a wide range of quality based aerospace parts with a feasible or lower amount of cost. With regard to the major motivational reasons for Rolls-Royce’s decision, a few major factors can be widely accepted behind the selection of Singapore as the production plant location for the company (Singapore Economic Development Board, 2014. Grant, 2014). The major motivational factors of the company have been briefly described in the following section.
According to the observation of the article, it has been identified that the political factor is one of the key driving factors for Rolls-Royce to select Singapore as its plant location for manufacturing titanium fan blades (Grant, 2014). The adequate stability along with transparent political system and practices of Singapore is more sophisticated as compared to the other developing nations that can enable the organization to independently perform its manufacturing operations with a minimum or less numb of constraints. &nbsp.