Electric Heating

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1. which of the following produces the least thermal leakage? A. Operable windows B. Residential swinging doors C. Commercial entrance swinging doors D. Non-operable products2. Paula is working out heating requirements for a large home with an extensive underground basement. what should she use as her quantity heat loss through below- grade basement walls at a depth of 6-7 feet with no insulation? A. 139.1 B. 12.22 C. 0.069 D. 4.193. Brenda has installed a device in which air expands as the temperature increases, causing contacts to open and turn off the heating element.What’s this device called? A.Snap thermostat B. Ventilation switch C. Capillary tube D. Mercury switch4.Yasir is trying to build an energy-efficient wall and deciding what materials to use. How can he calculate the thermal resistance of the wall? A. It’s the mean layer thermal resistance B. Add the thermal resistance of its layers C. It’s equal to the lease thermally resistant layer. D. Measure the thermal loss13/05/20205physics