Effects of Working Extended Hours In Maintenance Hangers

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In recent years, some strategies related to complete fatigue risk management have been applied in the road transport and aviation industries. Despite the implementations workers still suffer from fatigue and stress-related issues due to long working hours. This report presents some methods with particular emphasis on the maintenance of fatigue risk management in the airline industry and the experiences of industry personnel.The procedures used in the commercial jet transport manufacture and design over the previous years have resulted in the failure of damage-tolerant and safety measures in aviation industries due to high pressure in the work environment. According to the credible safety record the advancements in technology force engineers and mechanics to get updated with theoretical knowledge provided by the airline companies. The workers have to complete their assigned work in an accurate time-period and learn about new technologies for better service and design of aircraft. Most of the airline companies pay extra wages to their employees against the extra time they stretch for completion of their work. This factor increases the fatigue level in employees because they get less amount of sleep after an extended work schedule. High levels of fatigue among the employees have resulted in low-quality aircraft maintenance in the hangars.Fatigue is one of the most important concerns in the transportation industry. Fatigue can lead to disastrous accidents and loss of life and property. Fatigue can be a symptom of medical problems in people however normally it arises in humans due to lack of sleep and rest. Most of the crashes have occurred due to fatigue-related issues among pilots or maintenance staff of aircraft. Therefore it is a major problem, which must be taken care of by the airline companies and the federal associations. It has also been observed that most of the accidents that occurred on the roads in the past few years were due to fatigue among drivers. The graph provided below explains the effect of fatigue in the transportation sector.