Effects of Parental Alcoholism and Children

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Our modern day society is faced with the scourge of one of the greatest menaces being Alcohol and drug abuse. The addiction creeps upon them so insidiously that at most times people are not even aware of it. The adverse effects of Alcohol abuse are far reachable and deteriorating especially within families where children have to face the ugly brunt. Scientific research has proved time and again that parental drinking has a major impact on the growth and development of children leading them to early bouts of depression in their childhood which in turn grossly lowers their IQ and cognitive skills.Studies have shown that abused children of alcoholic parents suffer immensely with low confidence and self esteem and never seem to get over it even in their adulthood. While some research studies show that children of Alcoholics (COAs) do suffer a lot of negative consequences there are other studies that suggest that many children do not experience serious problems due to parental alcohol abuse. In a longitudinal study conducted on the island of Kauai involving COAs born there, Werner reported that ‘although 41% of the children developed serious coping problems by 18 years of age, 59% did not develop problems.’ According to him, these children possessed great resilient characteristics that included having the ability to gain positive attention from other people in their environment, good communication skills, a burning desire to achieve though with average intelligence and an attitude of caring.