Effects of Employee SelfEvaluation

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According to the report instead of a self-evaluation from the employee, the reporter suggests an open dialogue regarding his employers’ determination. Allow the employee to discuss the company’s opinion of their job performance. It should be up to the company to provide reasons based on factual observations as to why a raise is or is not deserved.

As the paper highlights by removing the self-evaluation element, you allow the company and the employee the opportunity to discuss the decision maker’s assessment of the employee’s value. If clear guidelines for raises are put forth, the employee has no reason to challenge or debate the employers’ conclusion. Clear guidelines eliminate thoughts of personal feelings influencing either party’s’ assessment. However Goal oriented raises can increase company morale as well as promote team work by giving the workers a map for success. Management evaluations may ease the anxiety of discussing my opinions to my supervisor. Not all positions in my department are staffed by people who feel comfortable speaking eloquently enough to promote themselves or their performance.&nbsp.Things like attendance and punctuality, work load completion and the ability to meet predetermined deadlines. These can be the foundation for salary increase determinations, along with specific department heads creating goals and expectations unique to that particular departments’ productivity requirements.