Effects of Domestic Violence

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However, current research findings have demonstrated an increasing number of men victims of family violence in recent years. Children have also been expressed as the recipient of this violence, suffering major psychological and developmental difficulties.
When a child is brought up in the context of domestic violence, at the end of the day, they grow up with the mindset that there is nothing wrong with domestic violence. This kind of thinking initiates a vicious and lethal cycle in which, the children of abusive parents turn out to be abusers themselves (Holt, Buckley, and Whelan, pg. 799). Unfortunately, the prevalence of domestic violence remains relatively high with an estimate of one case every 18 seconds.
Recent studies have ventured in investigating the overall effects of domestic violence not only to the victims but also to the entire community. To examine the pervasive nature of domestic violence, researchers have increasingly intensified their research in evaluating the economic pact of the problem to both the victim’s immediate relatives and the broader effects to the national economies. A study conducted in the United Kingdom quantified suffering and pain cost and the cost accrued for post-violence care concluding that this social problem costs the states, business, and individuals about 23 Billion pounds per annum (Walby, pg. 76).
The victim’s workplace performance suffers the first blow. Physical injuries reduce the victim’s ability to work while psychological abuse often causes concentration deficits, confusion, memory problems missed deadlines and meetings and mistakes. The affected employee has difficulties in work performance, tackling new challenges and there is a considerable decrease in work output (Walby, pg. 79).