Effective Strategies for Marketing Communication

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However, attention should be given to the different types of advertising that have proven to be the most effective. The debate continues as to which approach is most effective. There are many approaches a company can take to their advertising, including a general emphasis upon informing their customers regarding their product’s strong points, features, or other information. Recently, though, more and more companies have been focusing upon the concept of brand building, attempting to form an emotional bond with their customers that becomes associated not only with the individual product but also with the overall brand to which this product belongs. To determine what creates the most effective advertising – informing consumers about the product’s features or creating an emotional bond with consumers – it is necessary to examine the available literature regarding these issues as they have been addressed in consumer studies.The debate between whether advertisements should concentrate on building emotional bonds with consumers or should focus on brands has been held since the advent of scientific application to the field. While ad agencies in America embraced the psychology of images to influence consumer choice reflecting an emotional appeal to the senses, businesses recognized the need to avoid the outrageous claims and voyeurism most commonly associated with the medical hawkers that worked to swindle people out of their money by selling contrived unproven concoctions to cure everything from balding heads to excess weight (Thomson, 1996). Meanwhile, the British market took the stance that it was the marketer’s responsibility to educate a previously unthinking public about the brands and products available, effectively providing all information necessary for them to make the ‘correct’ decision (Church, 2000). Despite this early emphasis on bringing product features to the attention of a viewing audience, recent scientific thought regarding the importance of relationship principles has led to what Deighton (1996) has labeled a tremendous paradigm shift in the world of advertising.