Effect of Shot Peening on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties

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The subsequent literature based understanding can enable dissecting further into this field for the purpose of future developments, research and studies.
Additive Manufacturing (AM) is a method through which the various components are joint together for the large purpose of creating a substance related to the 3D model data set, commonly layered one over the other, in contrast to the other methods such as that of the subtractive manufacturing methodology [1-5]. This particular method is believed to bring about the new methods and techniques which will generally make the overall process of structural design and crafting much more easily as compared to the previously existing methods and techniques. With the given modern day advancements and developments in the form of automation supported features, without the tool technique or AM supported functioning units, each will benefit from the given method and new techniques incorporated in this regard [6]. A commonly used and implemented method in this regard is that of the AM support unit in the form of Direct Metal Laser Sintering, which comes along with the feature function of generating a net-structured part and can further extended for the entire process of manufacturing through the use of the pre-alloyed powders [7-10]. Components that are generated through this method yield more accurate results and the crafted outlook is much more appreciated and encouraged in terms of quality and general outlook. [10]. Hence, shot peening is possibly an option towards making use of the techniques that enable designing any structure and any outlook based object.