Education Assignment Need This Done Thursday May 7 2020 By 12pm PACIFIC TIME ZONE

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APA FORMAT & NO WORK CITED PAGEEDUCATION ASSIGNMENTRESPONSE MUST BE EXACTLY 150 WORDS!!Use the files and the link below to answer the ending question.In this unit, I have asked you to investigate learning styles and how we might use them in a classroom. I have asked you to consider how we learn, which I believe is key to understanding how we teach. Finally I have asked you to watch several videos from Mooney. His unique specialty is the way in which we label special needs children, and what are some of the implications for the classroom. These are three separate, yet very connected aspects of what it means to be an effective teacher. In your own words, summarize what you think you have learned from this unit?Article: The Teaching- Learning process: A Discussion of Models. (Link Below) MUST BE EXACTLY 150 WORDS!!TeachingtothelearningStylesofMulti-modallearners..docSoyouthinkyouareAuditoryorVisualLearner.doc68-CharacteristicsofConstructivistLearningTeach.mhtPosted: 3 hours agoDue: 07/05/2020Budget: $2Tags: education englishAnswers 0Bids 61WORDPOWERProf. Eliud PetersonEARNESTWRITERhassan0906Miss Brigitmichael smithjuliusmu33Rosie SeptemberWIZARD_KIMbennetsandovaRanchoddas Chanchad PhDRELIABLE PAPERSBrainy BrianElprofessoriSasha SpencerPaula HogClytemnestraMiss AlabamaAmerican TutorCatherine Owensbrilliant answersProf.MacQueenTiny ChrisTutor Cyrus KenRanju LewisToniskyProf James KelvinEssay-tutorSaburBSuper ProffansRohankim woodsRey writerPhd christinePROF_TOMMYProfRubbsProf. BierceAbdullah AnwarBill_WilliamsJudithTutorSaad Fahimsmart-tutorfirstclass tutorJOHN JUNIOR001JaqueSenior Advanced WriterJen Tech1A-Grade WriterMiss_Aqsashujatmagz64Harris KhanAshley Ellie suniyaziaTutor-paulaHawks EyeGuarantee PassMadam JosephineEssayguru555Creative Geek Sir.JeffOther questions 101 PAGE PAPERFor this assignment, explore the Social Psychology Network websiteThe Bill of Rights was intended to protect certain fundamental rights for all citizensQuestion 3. reportATPN W1A2 DiscussionUse the Internet to research the architectures that other government organizations and intelligence agencies use for email privacy, if any. legal essayBenefits of Raffle Ticket SalesYou receive a document (linked below) by certified mail. After reading the document, prepare a response that summarizes the approach you would take to the citations and penalties that have been proposed.Not ratedEducation Assignment Need This Done Thursday May 7, 2020 By 12pm PACIFIC TIME ZON…Not ratedEducation Assignment Need This Done Thursday May 7, 2020 By 12pm PACIFIC TIME ZONE…07/05/20202education