Educating Young Adults about Sex

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The learning stresses on both the vices and virtues of sex. It gives a background alongside which one develops into responsible and health grown-up capable of utilizing the inborn sex nature to the fullest capability, without getting obsessed by it. It allows one to recognize and become comfortable with individual’s sexuality. The rise in a number of young adults infected with Human Immunodeficiency Virus according to the World Health Organization is attributed to the lack of sexual understanding by the young adults. This understanding can only be fully achieved through the introduction of sex education in the society.Successful sex Education plans for the young adults have common elements necessary for a healthy living in the modern world. Wieland and Jeune (pg78) the current world was formed by traditional people. Such people considered sexuality and sex as an offensive topic of discussion for people who are not married. On contrary Kirdy and Moira (pg 90) asserts that there is great need to have sex education offered to the young adults. Young adults do engage in sexual practices and therefore sexual education should not be meant for the married only.Initially, there was little importance attach to sex education for the young adults. Klein and Measor (pg 47) assert that it was until early 20th century that the world and the society started giving attention to the females. They started receiving more appreciations from their male counterparts. As a result, they started receiving same education in a school with the male students. The traditional role they played in the society was further uncalculated by introducing some added curriculum for the female students.According to Fielder (pg 44), the average marriage age has been delayed due to the carrier –oriented advance in life.