Editorial ON AfroCaribbean Diaspora how the Jompy can provide convenience and speed in the UK and Health and Wealth in Africa and the Caribbean

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Camping is a great way to escape from the stress of busy life and tough routines as the opportunity to unwind recharges the mental batteries and helps to relax. People make physical connection with the nature and wilderness and get the chance to soak up the peace and beauty of the pure and natural environment. This adventure requires proper planning and management to end up safely. One of the main issues in front of the campers is the availability of pure water that is required for number of purposes like cooking, cleanliness and drinking.The lake of water would be safe to drink for you because no matter how clear the water is, it could be contaminated with the microorganisms harmful for health. To keep you outdoor rejuvenating exercise safe, you should never use the untreated wild water for drinking purpose. The Jompy portable heater is a great option to take out with you while camping or BBQing. It has been developed by Scottish inventor David Osborne. The Jompy has a frying pan shape comprising of lightweight metal tubing bent into flat coil with side by side joined ends. When the water source is attached on one end of tubing, the water flow through the coil and then exits from the remaining end of the tubing. The jumpy could be placed over fire or any type of burning fuel to generate maximum heat. The water will boil in the tubing and will become purified for drinking and other uses. It comes in three different sizes to suit different water needs of people.Jompy is not simply aimed to help the campers and people seeking outdoor fun but it has even wider applications because it could help people in the deprived area to make water pure and usable for drinking and cooking purpose. Jompy makes it possible for you to have safe outdoor adventure while helping your countryman living with contaminated water problems. When you take one jompy with you during your outdoor activity you got the chance to send another one to the people living anywhere in the Afro-Carrabin region. There is a great deal for the people who want to add ease and safety to their lives as well as to the lives of people living at their homeland. The Jompy portable heaters not only make the outdoor activities safe and convenient but it also allow people living in the Afro-Caribbean Diaspora to make their health qualities better by purifying the water using this innovative and useful product. It is found that over one billion of people of world have no access to clean water for drinking due to which they are suffering from various life threatening diseases. Jompy has been found as a significant way to render the contaminated water into safe water for drinking and other purposes. It has been unveiled from the research study conducted among the people of Kabale District of South-West Uganda that the use of Jompy portable heaters has allowed people to make the water pure and safe for drinking. The use of Jompy eventually resulted in decline of several diseases caused by contaminated water whereas people also got certain financial benefits from the use of Jompy due to decreased consumption of firewood. The benefits of Jompy portable heaters are substantial and the best thing about the Jompy is that you can have one for free to send to your relatives in Afro-Caribbean when you will take one with you at camping or any other outdoor activity in UK. This tremendous offer provides great benefits because on one hand it provides you convenience and ease in UK by making out outdoor adventure safe whereas on the other hand, it gives health and wealth to the people in Afro-Carrabin by providing them certain health and financial benefits.