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Challenge 1.2B: Identifying an Organization’s StrategyIt is important to understand the difference between marketing activities and a product. Marketing activity is, ways for businesses to build brand awareness. In a society as competitive and technology advanced as today’s, it is important for a business to stay on top of marketing activities to beat competitors. With that said, business marketing activities should always be as unique as possible, to be able to differentiate themselves from other businesses. Good examples of marketing activities in business consist of, Website, engine optimization, and print materials, such as business cards. Product marketing is when marketers try to sell specific products to a customer. In product marketing the company’s work to find ways to attract the customer to the product and why they should buy it. The difference between Marketing activities and product marketing, is simply that product marketing refers to trying to raise consumer awareness toward a specific product, Vs. marketing activities, where they are trying to raise awareness towards a specific business.In order to become a successful marketer in today’s society, you must understand a company’s interface step by step clearly. A company’s interface is what ultimately leads the company to achieve success because, without customer loyalty, your company is nothing. Every company has a different interface step or way to bond with their customers. Customer feedback is the most important thing to understand. Working jobs that involve extreme customer service, I have come to the understanding that the customer is always first. The interface step in a company is without a doubt a way for the company to assure the consumers how valuable their opinions, feedback, and loyalty is.I choose Starbucks as the company whose marketing activities I will be discussing. To start off, the reason I chose this company is because I am extremely familiar with it, to the point where I am one of their loyalty rewards program members. Starbucks isn’t like any other coffee shop, they’re more than just a coffee shop. They follow marketing activities through social media, advertisements, rewards programs, and the mobile app. Let’s start with the Starbucks mobile app. The app starts off by greeting you with your first name, depending on what time of the day it is. They have everything from inbox messages, to history, to music, to your rewards, and a menu. The most important part being the rewards, for every drink you purchase with the mobile app, you gain points. After you gain a certain amount of points you obtain rewards such as a free drink, or a free food item. I can’t think of a better example than the Starbucks mobile app that represents the interface. To continue, when you walk into your local Starbucks, mine being in Fair Lawn, NJ the employees are extremely friendly. The way they differentiate themselves from competitors such as Dunkin, is that they greet you by name. I am there so often when I walk in they call me by my first name and almost every employee knows my order by heart. Lastly, Starbucks is known for its ambiance. Aside from the incredible service, they have seating, such as comfortable couches where most people lounge and get business work done or schoolwork. People hang out for hours, whether it’s a coffee date or just lounging.These marketing activities translate into making the customer have the best coffee experience ever. The customer isn’t just going out to buy just a cup of coffee. The coffee varieties, iced drinks, juices, ambiance, and mobile app, make the customer feel important and builds that customer relationship.I do think Starbucks’s marketing activities make a difference in the marketplace. Starbucks does better than its competitors because even though their prices are expensive in comparison to Dunkin’s, their interface towards the customer makes up for it. People don’t mind spending the money when Starbuck’s interface steps make them feel important. Challenge 1.3 A: Creative Thinking Association of Immigrant kids Association of coffee and burgers Association of shopping and learningIt’s 2020, it is no surprise that immigration is one of the biggest debates/issues in America. With families coming from all over the world, whether it was centuries ago, or years ago, everyone deserves to live the American dream; Because after all, America is the best country in the world, isn’t it? America offers opportunities that most of the other countries don’t! Let’s start off with The Association of Immigrant kids. I’m sure everyone is familiar with the detention camps that exist in some states of the U.S. in these detention camps kids who’s parents got deported are held. Have you ever stopped to think about the kids? Realistically, they would be there until it’s decided what is happening to the parents, which could take weeks, months, years? In the association of immigrant kids, these kids are offered a chance at continuing life by being put into the association of immigrant kids foster home. In this foster home, the immigrant kids live a normal foster life, like regular foster homes. Next, they could be adopted by regular American families, with no problem. To help the association of immigrant kids reaches it’s success, we have created the association of immigrant kids tag cards. Each immigrant kid obtains a “Tag Card”. The tag card is a different color for each age group. For example, if you are in the age group of 5-10, the tag card is baby blue. If you are in the age group 11-16, your tag card is the color green, etc. Each tag card consists of first name, country of birth, birthday, and their “American Dream”.Next, we have the association of coffee and burgers. Who doesn’t love coffee and burgers, but the two together sound weird, don’t they? This association consists of coffee and burger lovers who made these two weird food options come together! This association will provide coffee bean burger options. The burgers consists of any topping and ingredients that can be added to be your burger with the “ Secret coffee bean rub”. This rub sauce is what gives your burger the coffee , rich like taste. For this association, the service category of advertising will be an open house taste like event. In this event, the people are invited to try a million different coffee options, for example, Dark Roast. Once they select the coffee option of their choice, they blend the beans into a sauce like food item, and apply it to their choice of build their own burger.Last but not least, the association of shopping and learning, every person’s dream. This association consists of an online website or Phone Application you can simply download. It works like this, you upload your study questions, or homework onto the app. Once you download it, the app keeps track of your homework progress. Once you have uploaded your assignment, it will bring you to the option of uploading any link you want that brings you to the shopping website. This is the trick, any item you click to view, or add to cart, brings you back to your homework to complete. Every time you complete a question or assignment, you gain coupons and promotion codes toward your shopping cart. Furthermore, the system will not let you check out to pay, until you have completed the entire assignment. What better way to avoid procrastinating by rewarding yourself with a little shopping? In order to gain access to this website/app, you must fill out the online application that proves you are a full-time student, called “Shopping for an education.” it is free and available at any computer lab on your campus. You could also obtain the link to the application by donating clothing items you don’t wear anymore to the less fortunate.The connection between part A and part B, is that an association cannot simply function without advertising strategies or promotional products that will help the association gain recognition.Challenge 1.3B: Divergent thinkingBallons aren’t items that cross your mind on a daily basis, but if you put some thought into them, they could actually be used in many different ways! The balloon invitation card, the balloon is attached to the front of the invitation card, and once you blow it up, you could visibly see the writing to the event you are officially being invited to. If you are feeling creative and don’t want to spend money, you could create balloon ornaments for your Christmas tree! Simply pick up white balloons, or color of your choice, blow them up, decorate, and hang on your christmas tree. For example, balloon snowballs. If you are a person who deals with anxiety on a day to day basis, what better way to release all that stress, than by letting it all out on emotional stress ball balloons. You add sand or small grains into a balloon, draw faces of how your feeling at the moment, and massage the balloon until your anxiety and stress levels begin to lower. You could use balloons as a decorative cheap way for a wedding event. All you have to do is blow up some champagne color like balloons, with attached white strings, and with a clip and hang photos of the newlywed couple, or family and friends memories. People injure themselves every day, often we break or hurt something and want to apply an ice pack or some frozen green beans to help the pain and swell go down. How about some reusable balloon ice packs? Simply create water balloons, freeze them, and ready to use! Throwing a party and want a pinata? How about a water balloon pinata on a hot summer day! One of the first things that come to my mind when I think of balloons are gender reveal parties. Ballons come useful when revealing the gender of a baby. Simply choose pink or blue balloons, fill them with pink or blue strings, and then pop them to reveal the gender of your baby. Feeling in need of a workout, but want to add a little fun? How about filling balloons with sand or something grainy that will make them heavy, and using them in different ways for your work out. Traveling and can’t afford the expensive neck pillows? How about filling balloons with grains, and using it as a neck pillow for your travels, or to simply relax your neck at home. Want to surprise your partner, but are over the roses floating in the bathtub idea? How about red balloons blown up floating in the bathtub to keep the romance but make it fun as well?To conclude, balloons can be used in many many different ways, as long as you diverse your thinking and think creatively. When using the powerful human mind to really think, you’d be surprised by the things you could come up with.Challenge 2.1B: Appropriating conceptsThe human mind has always been an interesting topic for me. The study of psychology consists of analyzing human behavior, and mental processes. In other words, psychology is the study of how our minds work, why humans have different personalities, why we act the way we do, and what causes our brains to be able to think and feel the way we do about things, and people. There are many psychologists that studied the behaviors of humans, and as an outcome discovered that psychology is strongly dependent on behaviorism. Behaviorism is the study of human behavior, how humans react. How the mind is triggered by memories, or why humans have impulses to do what we do. It is fair to say, nobody really actually knows what the human brain is capable of. What we do know, is that the behaviors of humans and the brain can be studied in many different ways. For example, surveys, questionnaires, interviews, that help understand the type of person you are and what kind of personality you have. As well as in-depth testing of the brain, that helps cognitive psychologists understand how and why our brain reacts to certain things. For example, MRIs. MRI testing allows researchers to see a clear picture of our brain, to help them understand how our brain reacts to a specific stimulus, and how these different reactions affect a person’s health, personality, and behavior.The question I believe was used to generate the concept of psychology in general ( there are many different types of psychology, such as evolutionary psychology, ), is “ Did human evolution really come off monkeys?”. Some evolution theories say that humans and monkeys share common ancestors, and that’s why we are so alike. The theory stands to be that we evolved from extinct apes and not monkeys. Although, our shared genes with monkeys, do indicate that we shared a common ancestor, which is why they have many similarities to us. I believe this question is what leads to the study of psychology, because in order to be able to study human behavior and the human brain, the first question that would come to mind from the start is, well, where did we evolve from? How?Psychology can be as broad as your mindsets it to be. Realistically, none of us have proof of watching the first human being evolve. It can be so broad that I can’t help to think how religion wouldn’t also get involved. For example, if you are Catholic, you believe in Jesus and God. The story goes, Adam and Eve ate the apple, and as a punishment that’s how the bad and sins were created. Which is why you’ve probably heard many say that “ We are all brothers and sisters”. To generate another question of this topic is : “ Well, where did Adam and Eve evolve from?” It all goes back to if we are all related somehow, does it lead back to that ancestor we all have in common? But, if Adam and Eve were the first “ humans” on earth, then what about the ones before them? Psychology is tricky because now we are connecting science and religion. To answer this question, you first have to understand that there is no exact or correct answer because nobody really knows. This is more of a faith believing topic. My answer would lead back to how we evolved from apes and the common ancestor we share with monkeys. But if you are a religious person such as myself, you believe that the universe was first nothing, and some how God created everything himself, and put Adam and Eve as the first two people one earth.To end this topic, it all comes down to, whether you believe in faith and god, or science. Did we really evolve from common ancestor to apes? Were Adam and Eve the first two humans on earth?Challenge 2.2: Appropiating Satisfaction in a Customer Situation:Customer satisfaction is essentially how the customer feels after visiting your company, or their feelings towards a specific industry. Ideally, in order for a business to succeed in the industry, customer satisfaction should be high. Customer satisfaction is what keeps the customers coming back. In order to understand the customer’s expectation’s better in the business marketing world, we refer back to the Expectancy Disconfirmation Model of Satisfaction. The model explains how the customer’s mind works. Consumers compare their initial expectations of ideal value, VS. their perception of real value, after they have purchased or consumed the product of service. Ideally, a consumer is comparing their theory of how they would like their customer satisfaction experience to go, to how it actually went, to better understand this, the Expectancy Disconfirmation Model of Satisfaction plays a huge role.Over time, the customer’s expectations have been built up over time which is as followed: The firm’s most recent communications (mainly advertising and promotional deals), The firm’s brand image (which is the aggregate of its long-term communication efforts), Word-of-mouth (WOM) communication from other people (possibly also including salespeople), External media reports, online reviews, and information, and The customer’s previous experiences with the firm.Referring back to the customer’s expectations, firms have the power of being able to control communications and brand image. What they don’t have control of is social media platforms. Yes, firms control what they decide to put out to the public about their brand, company, or industry, but what the consumers comment and how they react, cannot be controlled. This is a huge disadvantage for any industry when discussing customer satisfaction. Realistically, most consumers will hide behind a keyboard and complain about why they are dissatisfied than saying it in person. As for the perception of the actually delivered value, it consists of: Overall product/service quality (that is, how well it worked, how easy was it, enjoyment, benefits received, and so on), Interaction and relationships with staff, The service experience and process, Perceived value for money, and Perceived image and social status received (that is, was the customer’s self-esteem enhanced by becoming a customer of the firm – an example here would be becoming a customer of a private bank). The three boxes at the bottom of the model, represent if overall, the customer was satisfied, or dissatisfied.An industry that is noted for customer dissatisfaction is the Airlines industry. The customers are not satisfied and with the help of social media, the airline industry is now ranked as one of the top five industries with the lowest rank on customer satisfaction. Airlines have been ranked at 20%, which places them at the bottom amongst other companies for low customer satisfaction. The customer’s expectations consist of getting cheap fare tickets and expecting high-quality customer service. Avoiding extra free charges, such as charging for an extra bag aside from carry on. Enough seat width, flexibility to change flights without extra fare charges. Based on customers actual experiences, everything they wanted turned out to be opposite. Cheap fare tickets are availabla for cheap airlines, such as Spirit airlines. Spirit is known to be one of the worse airlines. Due to lack of customer service, because it’s already a cheap flight and air line to begin with. Flight attendants then think it’s fair customers don’t get good service. I myself, have been on a Spirit flight before, and they charge you for regular room temperature water! They only give you free water, if its hot. Water should always be free! They also have the tightest seats, with no room to even stretch. On top of this, customer’s main complaint with any airline in general, is extra charges for anything but a carry on. As well as extra charging fee for flight changes. The worst is, when something goes wrong with the flight, and you need another flight, most airlines do NOT refund you. Airlines should make all customers their number one priority, no matter how “cheap” the airline is. After all, you are on a plane for hours long.Marketing Challenge 2.5: The First Step- Recognizing the Obstacles:A marketing problem I believe to be difficult is the control of the business over social media. With the amount of social media we phase today, it could be quite overwhelming for marketers to deal with it. In order for a new business to reach success, social media would need to play a huge part. Today’s generation lives off Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat. If your new business fails at making themselves known through these social media platforms, then success might be out of the question. Marketers could often stress themselves out over this, because believe it or not, it is hard to keep up. Thinking of the right marketing tactics to attract our generation could be quite difficult. What I could think of to help this issue, is to hire sponsors, such as celebrities or social media influencers. Social media influencers are known for being extremely popular on social media. The marketer could easily sponsor them and pay them to promote the business social media platform, to make them known.Initially, I thought this is a huge problem all businesses deal with today, but after putting two and two together, the solution was pretty easy and reasonable. That is what social media influencers are for anyway, to promote products, businesses, and brands. It is their job to know these social media platforms like the back of their hand. This makes it easier for marketers to focus on other areas of the business.This problem seems to do a lot with the fact that this generation is all about technology and social media, and within time, it will only get worse.Marketing Challenge 2.6: Innovation and The ObstaclesA new service that I think would be a success is Uber drivers, but for shopping. They now have Uber eats, which consists of the driver picking up food from the restaurant and dropping it off to the customer’s house. This new service would be similar, but for shopping. The name of this new service would be called Uber Shops. The customer would pick stores in the mall, and add items they are buying to their cart, and provide their credit card info. Once the order has been placed, the uber shops app contacts a driver to physically pick up the bags from the store, and then deliver it.I did not think this was difficult because Uber eats has evolved from being taxi drivers, to uber eats, uber shops would be the next big step for them. I could really see this type of service becoming a reality. Everybody online shops nowadays and barely goes to shop in person at the malls. This would be convenient for both the driver and the customerChallenge 3.1B: Sources of Power for Winning      Apple is one of the many companies that uses power as their basis for competing. In porters 5 forces model of competition he talks about power, as the ability that customers have to drive prices lower or their level of power in general. This all depends on how many buyers or consumers the company has, and how significant each customer is. Apple gives the consumer the feeling of feeling empowered by coming out with new products pretty much every year. For example, the Iphones. A consumer who has its loyalty to Apple, will upgrade to that new iphone every time it comes out, no matter the price. Apple has ways of getting these loyal consumers to purchase the new Iphone’s fow a lower price. Vs consumers who arent Apple’s loyal customers. For example, somebody who is buying a brand new iphone from apple and has no history or anything with them, would pay the full price for the iphone, which typically ranges from $500-1,000. Vs an apple loyal consumer, who can trade in their old Iphone in exchange for the new one for only $100. Or if an apple loyal consumer has an upgrade, all they would have to do, is pay the taxes for the new phone which is around $40. Not only is the consumer happy, but so is Apple. This process keeps the consumer satisfied and coming back. Another example is the deal apple has for apple loyal consumers who buy a Macbook laptop. Any student who buy a macbook, gets a free pair of beats headphones. Apple knows how to make the consumer feel valuable. When the consumer purchases that new product, they feel like they fit in with the rest of the world. And in comparison to people who for example, own samsungs or androds ( apples biggest competitor’s) they feel entitled over them. It’s almost like to own an apple device is a luxury. Owning an Iphone also comes with perks and benefits, such as getitng Imessages to your Macbook laptop from your iphone, icloud storage, and Itunes. The apple company will not go out of business any time soon, no matter how expesive they are, because they know how to keep the consumer satisfied, and that’s the key to success.Challenge 4.1: Identifying a Target Market: Starting with the problem Crafting better advertisement Defining customers characteristics Primary target Studying current customers Researching industry publications Who buys and why? Who does your competitor target? What are you selling and what makes it unique? Identifying what a customer would want to buyChallenge 4.3: Self-Selection Segmenting:Three different companies that use the self segmenting strategy are, sprint, sephora, and amazon. Companies use the self-selection process by making it easier for the consumer to shop, not only that but it makes them feel more comfortable and valued. Self selection process avoids generalized questions, such as who are you, or what are you shopping for. Once brought to the company’s website, the self selection process speeds the shopping process and makes it easier for the consumer over all.Starting off with Sprint, the second you open their website a message from sprint automatically pops up asking the consumer to select an option as to why they are here. They ask if you are a business customer, a sprint member or not, or looking to manager your account. Sprint targets customers they know have shopped with them before by showing a pop up that says “Welcome back”, and allows an exit option for consumers who have accdidentally ended up on the website. They also provide a “Not a customer?” link to make it easier for the consumer to decide what to do. Ads such as, “ This Iphone is only $200” are blocked out for loyal Sprint customers, and purposely pop up for non customers.Sephora uses the self selection process as well on their website. To start off, sephora has a beauty insider rewards program. So if you are a member, the second you enter the website you know exactly how to shop. Through activity based profiling, the website aids personalization by tracking links the consumer has looked at before, and therefore shows items they believe the consumer would be interested in. sephora’s beauty insider profile, collects the customers information. Such as, birth date, tone of foundation, skin type, hair color, etc. so that the next time the consumer shops, everyhting is saved and products that wouldn’t befenit you will not be shown. Sephora uses this information to populate the “ Recommended for you” message.As for Amazon, not only are they one of the biggest retail companies online, but they also do self segmentation. They serve personalized recommendations, and is one of the only sites that carries a built in feedback tool to control results of your search. Customers can express whether they like or dont like a product, are interested, or already own it.I think the self segmenation process Sephora’s beauty insider website uses is the most effective. Women are very particular about what producs they put on their face, so the fact that they can shop based on personalized information, makes it much easier and keeps the customer content. Not only that, but the rewards they offer are also great, and you can also earn points for every dollar you spend!Challenge 4.4: Predictive AnalyticsPredictive analytics is the use of data techniques that help identify the likelihood of future purchases or outcomes, all depending on your history search. Many companies are using predictive analytics as an advantage to help their future grow and gain more consumers. Predictive analytics helps organizations, grow volumes and types of data, and using data to project valuable information.Predictive analytics has the perks of detecting fraud, optimizing marketing campaigns, improving operations, and reducing risk.Companies such as, banking and financial services, oil gas and utilities, retail, health insurance, government and the public sector use predictive analytics.Predictive analytics uses marketing strategies such as, deliver higher quality prospect to sales, more impactful marketing campaigns, and optomize loyalty