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Attached are the articles that are to form the basis of the Short Paper due in Week 7.The topic of the paper is the role of regulation in hampering the performance of the economy. You cannot choose a different topic. Read the articles attached and any others you find on the subject that you want to add. All of the articles you read for the paper must be listed in the Bibliography of your paper.The paper you write must be based on the articles provided, which means you cannot choose your own topic for this paper. Write about 4 pages of narrative on the subject. The paper must be APA format, which means a cover page, a reference page and 4 pages of narrative.Your paper is to synthesize the issues presented in the articles and how you see the effects of regulations on the economy.Your paper must be submitted to the Assignments area for the Short Paper in order for it to be graded.Your paper should avoid quoting any of the authors or articles you use. I am interested in your analysis of ideas not some author’s.You can research other articles on the subject if you choose, in addition to, not instead of, the ones provided.A new system for Turnitin, the plagiarism checker, has been implemented by the UMGC in the LEO classroom. This course is the first to test the system and we want to transition to the new system with as little difficulty as possible. When you submit your paper to the Assignments area of the class, Turnitin is embedded in the class will do a plagiarism check on your paper and produce a similarity score for your submission. However, in the early implementation, the similarity score will not be visible to the students that submit papers. Because of this, you must be careful about not quoting or using someone else’s material.The similarity score generated will be available to me and I will be monitoring the scores. You are permitted a maximum of 15% similarity to outside sources. To keep below the limit, it is best not to put quotations from any source in your paper. I am interested in your writing and not the writing someone else.It would be better if you submitted the paper early. Thus, if the score is too high, I will let you know and you can have to rewrite to lower the score. By the way, there are plagiarism checkers out there that can be employed to check for yourself the similarity level of your work.Attachment(s):