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ANSWER the following question below the docNO plagiarism NO plagiarismNO plagiarism NO plagiarismNO plagiarism NO plagiarismUES YOUR OWN words and need the plagiarism report Things to Know for the Final ExamPart A will be definition. Answers in this part will range in length between one word to three sentences.Part B will be short answer essays. Answers in this part will range in length between three to seven sentences.Part C will be a longer essay. Answers in this part will range in length between five to seven paragraphs. In each part, students will have some choice about which questions to answer. (For example, the instructions for Part A may say: “Answer 5 of the following 7 questions.”NAME: ___________________________________PART A: Answer any 5 of the questions A.1 – A.7. Do not answer additional questions. This part is worth 15% of the exam.Briefly define and give a specific example of:A.1. Regression analysisA.2. R2A.3. Adjusted R2A.4. t statisticA.5. dummy variableA.6. hedonic regressionA.7. logarithmic transformationPART B: Answer all 3 of the questions B.1 – B.3. This part is worth 30% of the exam.B.1. Explain how each of the following affects the bid-rent function/size of the city.•Increase P•Increase w•Increase k•Increase t•Increase aSee Figure 1B.2. According to Census Journey to Work data, which three counties are top destinations for commuters from Santa Clara County – not including Santa Clara County? Please list in order and list the estimated commuters based on 2011-2015 5-Year ACS Commuting Flows.B.3. Describe two kinds of scale economies. What different implications do the two kinds of scale economies have for regional economic development?PART C: Answer question C.1. This part is worth 55% of the exam.C.1. Describe the central economic concept you addressed in your term project and what insight it gave you on the basic policy issue addressed in the reading you reported on.16/05/202030businessfinance