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Dell’s website key characteristics were recognised which includes its context of use, impact of the homepage, general usability, page layout and navigation, and most importantly the information contents. The effective use of innovate web technologies and with a strong well-known brand name, the website works consistently with the general purpose of the online portal. The necessity of these elements is of high importance but marketing can also of a priority. Web usability is an important which Dell’s website successfully applied along with the web navigation, information, and design. Also, considering online business, this report provides important notes about some legal and ethical issues. There are numerous threats to the security of Internet e-commerce.
Dell has a strong brand and already established its position with effective business strategies, efficient use of technology and business model which gave them a competitive advantage from online stores.
Our company, Delta IT Consultancy2, is an internet consultancy firm which includes servicing clients from e-business consultancy to providing e-solutions. As the client seeks recommendation about what counteract plans regarding their plan of redevelopment and enhancement of their online business presence and e-business strategy, our company is tasked to take charge of what they should implement with the growing dominance of Dell in the marketplace.
The client is a ‘bricks-and-clicks’ company which is a business model by which a company integrates both offline (bricks) and online (clicks) presences (Wikipedia, 2007). With the ever increasing competition in the online marketplace especially online computer sale stores, the numbers of sales are significantly affected. The aim of this report is to analyse and evaluate Dell’s website infrastructure and its e-commerce or e-business strategy.
The report comprises two sections accordingly. Section 1 will be the appraisal details of Dell’s website, which is the main dominating company in the marketplace and provides the key pressure to the client’s success. Utilising Dell’s website as the mock-up standards, it is recommended to the client of how Dell’s online presence bring fort their business online with regards to the client’s aim of redeveloping and enhancement of their online presence. Section 2 evaluates the business models and the use of technology by Dell’s website in facilitating them to edge with the lead.
After the critical appraisal of Dell’s website, our client will be placed on its competitive advantage and total improvement of business activity online.
1 Analysis
1.1 Context of Use
Website: Dell UK –
Users: Any web user is welcome to access Dell’s website from any computer with internet and any type of web browser. Users can range from individual and corporate to enterprise and large business scale particularly buyers and retailers for purchasing products and services, and even access relevant company information or website contents for specific purpose. Prior to checkout of their purchasing products and services, users need to register or login to record order details.
Stakeholders: All users that visit the website are