Ecological Engineering

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The school has used a material that was supposed to be old fashioned and only destined for the poor to come up with a modern structure. This is a representative model of doing things that would be able to make the community as a whole rethink of how they relate.
The use of the local materials was a factor that raised the economy, created jobs for the locals and was a method that would facilitate the local craftsmen to be able to improve their housing conditions.
1. These are things that were realized in the process of construction. This is evident in the use of an endogenous potential in a very sustainable manner. This has also been reflected in the use of local materials. The materials used to construct the buildings have low energy dissipation thus being right for a green future (McCaulay &amp. McLennan, 3).
2. Sustainability has also been ensured by making sure that there is no destruction of materials that require a lot of energy.&nbsp.