EBusiness for Real Estate Business

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The industry, banking, agricultural, information, technological sectors are taking advantage of the digital age in enhancing their inefficient processes towards a more profitable enterprise. Unfortunately, this has not yet been the case for the real estate sector. Realtors or agents still prefer meeting their clients face to face in order to make a profitable sale. On the other hand, clients travel all the way to the location of the real estate for a site inspection. The way things are going, it is no doubt that there is a need for the real estate sector to catch up with the latest technology. otherwise, it will continue to lag behind other less profitable sectors.In today’s rapidly emerging technological age, going digital has not only become a prerequisite towards success. It has also become a necessity and a need that must be undertaken to become more efficient and effective in bringing about change and integration in any business endeavor.In order for the real estate sector to integrate forward, there is a need for the following e-business processes to become more effective and be able to act as tools in enhancing its services, while maintaining customer relations and product quality: a) site inspection through video streaming. b) customer service and support. c) availability of online contractors/designers. d) online contract signing. and e) online payment system.Crucial to the real estate business is the site inspection of the real property. In this aspect, clients usually weigh-in their first impressions above anything else. Despite having a comfortable home, the imaginative sales talk of the real estate agent, and the price it would cost them, clients still basically base their judgment on their instinct before going for the buy. Hence, it is important for any realtor to make the first impression a lasting impression.What clients normally do is that they make the necessary arrangement and appointment with the agent before site inspection is carried out.