Dyadic partner

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My partner’s non-verbal communication is very strong. He often uses four types of techniques that convey his moods or his mental which are: notusing eye contact while talking. tugging at his hair. color clothes. and upright position. Non-verbal behavior is important means of sending critical messages to the other person. Guirdham (2002) says that they are essential means of conveying vital information like sincerity, honesty, confidence etc. of individuals. When my partner is not telling truth about certain thing, he would not make eye contact while discussing the issue. When he is confused, he would also tug at his hair. He wears bright colored shirts like red, blue or green, when he is happy. But when he is excited about something and wants to share it with others, he sits upright and looks at other person’s eye. The body language of my partner is therefore vital means of communicating his mood. Whenever he comes in bright tee-shirt, I am much relaxed because I know that when he is happy, he works better with higher productive outcome! When I see him sitting upright on his chair, I know that he has some good news. But my worries are heightened when I see him tugging at his hair or find him looking away rather than talking to me. As I know that these behavior indicate his discomfort with the issue or his doubts which he is wary of sharing. At these times, I pick up the topic or issue that he is passionate about. When he gets involved and comfortable, I broach the subject of which he is wary about. This way, I am able to know his problem and resolve it so that he can focus on his work.(words: 290)ReferenceGuirdham, M. Interactive Behaviour at Work, London: Prentice Hall, 2002.