DXNs Effective Marketing Plan

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DXN products are based on the Chinese mushroom called Ganoderma which is considered the food of the immortals in Daoism. Ganoderma has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of such diseases and disorders as cancer and arthritis, and its biomedicinal value is now being established through a wealth of published literature.
DXN uses Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) or is commonly known as Network Marketing (DXN marketing, in promoting and advertising their products. Through network marketing, the rapid global expansion of DXN is recognized internationally by its vast growth of members worldwide and its amplification of footprint in key strategic locations. With over four million registered distributors worldwide, DXN is solidifying its position as the world leader in Ganoderma products (Corporate Information, 2009).
DXNs high regard for quality earned the company many outstanding citations and recognition from various health and business organizations. Since its inception in 1993, DXN has upheld its concept of One Dragon, One World One Market, and One Mind. With this powerful concept, DXN has sailed through continuous growth over the years (Castillo 2009).
DXN logo symbolizes success in business with a very strong marketing plan. Red represents fire to symbolize the company’s fighting spirit to progress. Green represents trees to symbolize the dynamic growth and expansion of its market. Blue represents water to symbolize the company as the foundation for all the vigorous developments. The Red Oval symbolizes the rising sun to represent aggressiveness, single-mindedness, and persistence in achieving DXNs vision. The Green Branches symbolizes Ganoderma to represent the company’s strong commitments for growth and relentless striving to achieve excellence by focusing on health-based industry. The Blue Horizontal Line symbolizes the company as the power source for the impetus of business development (Devinder 2007).
The growth and life span of any company lies in the strength of its products. DXN products are superior health food products catering to the ever-increasing demands of this health-conscious world. The efficacy of these products alone is proven through many testimonies received from our 2.5 million consumers based worldwide. These products have benefited and helped many people. And on top of enjoying a healthy life because of DXN products, members are assured of lucrative bonuses. The assurance of an excellent product with growing awareness and steady demands, together with a committed company mission holds many promises for an investment that you can be proud of.