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Institute: Ducati Question In this age, preference is the most essential requirement of any organization. This is because if an organization might fulfill the requirements of the customers, then its level of sustainability may get enhanced. Similarly, in order to recover the organization of Ducati from a bankrupt condition, Mr. Federico Minioli decided to make use the strategy of Harley Davidson, i.e. to present different styles and designs for diverse segments of the market. This is done to attract the customers of varying taste and preference so as to enhance their market share and brand image in the market among other rival players. Along with this, such a niche market strategy is implemented by Federico Minioli in order to amplify its net sales thereby amplifying its profitability to a certain extent. Apart from this, in order to enhance its revenues, Ducati decided to utilize its own interpretation like high-performance super sport bikes, low-weight sports bikes, high comfort long riding bikes, stylish bikes and many others that proved extremely effective for the organization in future. Moreover, in order enhance the performance of the bikes Mr. Federico Minioli tried to offer more concentration over technical excellence and reliability as compared to others. By doing so, the EBITDA enhanced from 33.4 million Euros to about 60.0 million Euros in the year 2000. Not only this, the market share of the organization of Ducati also enhanced by 6.7 percent in 2000 that helped the organization of Ducati to protect itself from an insolvent condition. In addition, the reputation of the organization of Ducati also enhanced due to its ability to offer extremely comfortable and versatile bikes at a quite competitive price for all age-groups. This acted as a boon for the organization thereby enhancing its customer range and consistency and dependency to a significant extent among others. Thus, it might be clearly stated that the above mentioned strategy proved extremely beneficial for the organization thereby paving its path for success.Question 2 In this age, every individual desire to attain stylish and value-added products at a quite competitive price. Keeping this fact in mind, Mr. Federico Minioli designed the bikes of the organization of Ducati. All the bikes of Ducati are extremely fashionable and trendy in appearance as well as comfortable, so as to cover long distances. Not only this, Ducati also designed knee-down bikes, bikes to cover urban roads high-performance and low weight bikes for the sport lovers and many others in order to retain the loyalty and reliability of the customers in the market among others. Apart from this, Ducati also decided to prepare low-seat height and low- weight bikes mainly to target the female customers. This strategy proved extremely effective for the organization of Ducati that not only enhanced its fame but also its position in the market among other rival players. In addition, due to the implementation of such a strategy, the organization of Ducati positioned itself as one of the reputed motorcycle manufacturer as compared to many others such as BMW, Triumph (ESOMAR, 2008). Hence, Mr. Federico Minioli helped the organization of Ducati to enhance its revenues and demand thereby amplifying its brand value and profitability among others.Work CitedESOMAR, Market Research Handbook. London: Sage, 2008.