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Write 300 words on the topic and respond to two articles with 150 words each1) Write 300 words with 3 peer reviewed references in APA formatDiscuss some of the protected characteristics covered by equal employment opportunity laws and why they are important in today’s employment setting.2) Respond to 1st  article with 150 wordsEqual employment opportunities originated as a subset of equality act formulated in 2010.It acts as a common platform for enforcing separate units related to act as a single unit. This act promotes a legislative framework that secure the rights of people and promote equal chances in job and livelihood for all those according to eligibilities. This act comprehends the groups of people with respect to equality legislation like age, gender, race, religion, social status, and civil partnership aspects. Ties for pregnancy he act also extends its protecting facilities to wards other impacting factors left uncovered according to legal equalities. Age is the first clause in act that encompasses its protection for people belonging to all age groups. Disparate treatment due to age is regarded as unlawful activity. Suitable justification in regards to such discrimination is exempted as lawful activity and is the only protected feature that works out with justification(Akhtar, 2019). Disability is to be assisted by employer with suitable facilities to encourage employment for such people. Disability encompass males and females with physical or mental issues restricting regular daily activities. Marriage or civil partnership is of individual interest. Any employer issues in regard to such commitments and interference is restricted according to the acts. Race is group of people determined by their skin color or identity along with nationality. Employers are restricted to decrease provisions or show bias depending on above characteristics. Religious beliefs are devoid of importance and support provided to employees. It is essential to have a diverse work culture as per globalization regulations. Women are protected class of employees in opposition to differentiation on basis of pregnancy and maternity at time of statutory maternity leave. Period of absence for relevant illness are protected from taking any critical decisions regarding employment status(Ali, 2013). The above protected class coming under exact definitions are eligible to enjoy benefits of Equal employment act.3) Respond to 2nd
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