Dramadoc/Docudrama Pros and Cons

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Despite being constructed and edited in similar ways to other TV genre, when viewed docudramas draw into the audiences in ways that make them to understand their advantages and disadvantages basing the topic under discussion.The message in docudrama films puts focus on the controversial and the most infamous historical events. These films have an influence and are the popular stand of television in many nations across the world. This is because they give their viewers an opportunity of exploring controversial personalities as well as complex issues. The War Game portrays the things that might happen in Britain as a result of the nuclear attack. It graphically shows the impacts of the bomb to the survivors and the rest of the society. The film was produced in a cold war context. This information presents the reality of the impacts of the nuclear attack to the Britain citizens. Docudramas give a history of and also provide an introduction of the form. This is because of their roots in the sixties and subsequent productions (Rotha, P. 2014, 7).Despite being neither fiction nor factual, docudramas possess the power of influencing and shaping the ideas of the audiences. The critical claim and the box office success of docudrama films have made them an enticing venture for not only the studios but also for the filmmakers. These films have a high persuasive power and are an important part of the modern cinema. All docudramas share a common theme of giving fictional narratives that are based on true events. The Bloody Sunday is a powerful film that revisits one of the most controversial episodes in the modern history. It discusses the killing of 13 unarmed campaigners by the paratroopers of Britain. This occurred in 1972 in Derry. This film recreates the events that happened on that day. It marks an important attempt of revisiting what happened through the use of modern