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Provide necessary context in the introduction to transition the reader into the thesis. Include support literature that effectively leads into your topic argument. Articulate a thesis that describes a gap or niche in the literature that your argument can fill. Support the main points of the paper with evidence. Completely present your paper’s argument so your peer reviewer can give you useful feedback on your draft.Based on 3 articles:1. Bandura, A., & Jourden F. (1991). “Self-regulatory mechanisms governing the impact ofsocial comparison on complex decision making.” Journal of Personality and SocialPsychology 60(6), (1991): 941-51.2. Esteban-Guitart, M. (2018). The biosocial foundation of the early Vygotsky: Educational psychology before the zone of proximal development.History of Psychology. Hilpert, J. C., & Marchand, G. C. (2018). Complex systems research in educational psychology: Aligning theory and method.Educational Psychologist,53(3), 185–202.