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knowledge workers have extra-ordinary capabilities and are knowledgeable in most of the working environment aspects more than their fellow employees are. Collaboration among knowledge workers entails an organization encouraging this type of employees to work together and with integrated systems so that they can be able to exploit their full potential as a foundation the company’s development (Davenport 2005). The collaboration of knowledge workers is very essential to an organization because the results are fulfilling. usually, great minds put together is one best thing and core source of growth and improvement for decision-making and innovation in marketing and production.Decision-making is a significant feature for any organization but most of the time, management is left all the issues involving decision-making and it is their duty to come up with processes best for the task. Despite the drawbacks, if perfectly used, knowledge workers are can be an important facet of the decision-making process but specifically when their abilities merge through collaboration. This can be effective if they get time to ponder individually on matters at hand, evaluate, research and finally come up with strategies. thereafter, the collaboration makes a significant impact as they work on a final decision together through considering and evaluating individual strategies. Additionally, an improvement can be made in the decision making process between knowledge workers by encouraging them socialize more and outside the working environment, which enhances the structure knowledge and makes learning a part of the organization’s, culture.The integrated ERP is one of the core structures of a company since without it most of the corporate functions are hard to achieve. moreover, it enhances the organization’s shape and centers information circulation using its technological advancements. On the other hand, knowledge workers focus on modern interventions in the aspect that their