Douglas Coupland’s Microserfs

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The exploration of one’s identity is a theme that is discussed by the author and other characters in the novel. In this paper, we will analyze how the characters examine their identities and what is the influence of their profession on their identities? The influence of their professions on their identities is so far-reaching that they start to think about themselves in technical terms.The environment in their workplace has affected the characters in the novels to such an extent that they are not able to think about their lives beyond this setting. The character of Karla, a coder and colleague of the Daniel, is most expressive about her feelings regarding identity. Her thoughts about identity can be gauged from the following paragraph, Its all about identity, [Karla] said. She said, We look at flock……What makes any one person different from any other? Where does your individuality end and your species-hood begin? As always, its a big question on my mind. (Coupland, pg.236). While working, the identity of all the characters is connected with their work. The individuality of person is lost in the settings that are dominated by the machinery. Karla also feels that her identity is being overwhelmed, by the environment of her workplace. While talking with Daniel, her conversation reflects her thoughts about identity. She said that we, as humans, bear the burden of having to be every animal in the world rolled into one. She said that we really have no identity of our own. (Coupland, pg.17). The thoughts of Karla represent the identity crisis that people are experiencing in the wake of a demanding professional life.People are so consumed with their aims and ambitions that they have lost the perception of their true identity. Karla also points towards this attitude of human beings. She said, What is human behavior, except trying to prove that were not animals? She said, I think we have strayed so far away from our animal origins