Doing Business in the United States of America

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The United States has a huge population of skilled considering the fact that most skilled labor from developing countries migrates to the United States in search of better opportunities.
Operation of glass phone manufacturer in the United States of America puts into consideration the fact that the company is in need of skilled labor, which is sufficiently available in the country. According to OECD, the country has favorable policies that allow migration of skilled labor from other countries where opportunities such as glass phone manufacturer may be limited. Glass phone manufacture highly requires skilled considering the needed reliability of the product by users. Market penetration for the product highly depends on how reliable the phone is as compared to other phone manufacturers that provide highly reliable phones though not as luxurious as the glass phone.
The company has to embrace a global strategy that would pertain to an allocation of the glass phone manufacturer company’s resources to operations in the United States where it can take advantage of skilled labor available. The business global strategy is in the context of operation although considerations of the marketplace are also an essential factor to its operations in the United States of America. Buyers and users of the glass phone are the middle and high-income earner who can easily afford the relatively high prices attached to the product. The glass phone is considered as a semi-luxurious product for social classes and technological advancement needs for users.
The operations of the company in the United States of America are also tied to the fact that cultural factors of the present day in the country are focused on cell phones as a social item that is basically used to communicate.