Doing Business in Brazil

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In simple terms, it is the exchange of goods &amp. services that crosses national boundaries.&nbsp. It can be of four types namely foreign trade, trade in services, direct investment &amp. portfolio investment. Foreign trade involves the flow of tangible goods from one country to another. The “trade in services” is quite understandable that it involves the trading of services from one country to another. Direct investment involves investing in a business with full or partial control which can happen by either employing own resources, expertise or personnel. Portfolio investment means financial investment in a foreign country &amp. is only related to equity &amp. debt purchase. (Goddard, 2006, p.4)

When people think of carrying out any sort of international trade with a foreign country then they tend to compare the alternative markets available at other places &amp. then they select the most profitable place to do business with. Similarly when someone sets up a business in their own country &amp. they decide to make that business profitable worldwide, then they start evaluating their alternate resources available &amp. then ultimately they choose the most profitable business opportunity. Here we will focus on analyzing Brazil. For this analysis, we need to consider several factors which are discussed below.

1. Socio-cultural Forces &amp.Religion- The Ethnic groups of the country includes 3 groups which are people having European ancestors (forming 55% of the population), having African ancestors (forming 6% percent) &amp. a mixed group having both European &amp. African roots (form 38%) of the population. Today lesser than 2,00,000 native Brazilian stays at the country around the Amazon region on government reserves. Portuguese is the official language of Brazil. Around 90% of the citizens are Roman Catholics &amp. therefore the society &amp. culture of the country is highly influenced by this Religion. This religion is a combination of African religious belief &amp. catholic faith.&nbsp.&nbsp.