Does George Washington deserve the title Father of our nation

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George Washington is known as the Father of the Nation for various reasons. Not only was he the first president of independent America but he was also the head of the Revolutionary Army. As the Commander in Chief of the Revolutionary Army it was mainly because of his steadfastness, leadership and his explicit refusal to give in did the Colonists win the war in their favor. He made a bold attack on the Hessian fort in Trenton which turned the tables in favor of the Colonists as compared to the British. When it was time to take charge of the Continental Congress, because it proved again and again that it was incapable of leading a young nation, Washington took charge and that too in the most explicit way. Washington was a powerful, charismatic personality. merely looking at him convinced many people to predict great heights for this man including the title of the Leader of the Nation. The organizers of the Constitutional Convention were of the opinion that only because of the charismatic and strong personality of George Washington did they enjoy success in the Convention. Hence, it was fortunate for America when Washington, who was also known as the ‘indispensable man’ not only attended the Convention of Philadelphia in 1787 but was also chosen to become its president and he indeed, did serve this position. Washington holds an exemplary position in the leading political and mainly military circumstances of the American Revolution. He became involved early in 1767 when he stood up against the political standing of the parliament of Britain. When the Battle of Lexington and Concord broke out he assumed military position as the Commander in Chief of the Continental Army. He depicted his readiness to go to war when he appeared in military attire in front of the Second Continental Congress. The Continental Army was formed on the 14th of June and the very next day was Washington appointed as its General or Commander in Chief. The job he took on was vast, corresponding local wants and needs, rivalry amongst his inferiors, spirits amid the grades and shots by Congress to administer the army’s dealings too narrowly, wishes of state governors for support, and an infinite requirement of funds to clothe, feed, arm, equip and move the troops. As it became more and more tensed politically for the colonies to continue peacefully Washington chaired a meeting in June 1774 and Fairfax Resolves were adopted then. These resolves called for many actions the most important being the assembling of the Continental Congress. Washington attended the First Virginia Convention in August and as it became more politically tensed in 1774 he helped train the militias of the country in Virginia and convened enforcement to boycott all those goods by the British which were instituted by the Congress. Washington is known most for his long lasting effects as the President of the United States of America, his first two terms being the most prominent. The Constitution gained popularity and one reason for that was the appointment of Washington as its Chief executive. Washington was a dedicated patriot and time and again he passed various opportunities to gain supreme authority. When he arrived in the Capitol, he waited for the convening of the Congress before assuming his duties the President of America. His popularity was as such that people wanted him to be treated as King however, he passed that