Do Violent Video Games Trigger Aggression

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For example, a nationwide conversation ensued regarding what connection video games had to the 1999 Columbine High School massacre where two students murdered 13 and wounded 23 before killing themselves. While many motivations were likely involved, it is not possible to identify precisely what provoked these teenagers to shoot their classmates and teachers but violent video games have been mentioned as one possible contributing factor. The two students had often played Doom, a brutal and bloody firearms game that is used by the military to teach the U.S. armed forces on how to kill more efficiently. To what degree this game influenced the actions of these two youths has been argued since this incident. The entertainment media, it is widely accepted, is an extremely influential factor in everyone’s lives. “What behaviors children and adults consider appropriate comes, in part, from the lessons we learn from television and the movies” (Huesmann &amp. Miller, 1994). It is reasonable to expect video games, especially those that portray violence, will have similar and possibly a more expansive effect on violent behavior. Currently, few papers exist which have thoroughly studied the connection between violent video game and subsequent violent actions.

When video games first appeared about 30 years ago, they were simplistic and seemingly innocuous. Atari pioneered the video game with Pong in the mid-1970s which was a video version of table tennis. The 1980s saw arcade games such as Asteroids and Pac-Man become popular. “In Pac-Man, a yellow orb with a mouth raced around the screen chomping up ghosts and goblins. At this point,&nbsp.some eyebrows were raised questioning whether young people should play such violent games” (Elmer-Dewitt, 1993). &nbsp.