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Diversity management is the practice by companies and organizations of attempting to employ different people from different countries, cultures, races and religion. Multiple companies across the world have adopted diversity management practices, with an aim of tapping the brilliant talents and skill from people from different places in the world. There are two types of diversity management, the intranational and the cross-national diversity management (cfi, 2017).One of the major importance of diversity management is that it helps the company to acquire the best talent and most innovative employees from different places in the world. These employees bring new and fresh ideas that a company can benefit from in maximizing profits and increasing its competitiveness in the market (cfi, 2017).  Additionally, with diverse employees in the firm, it will be easier to serve and satisfy diverse customers as well because they are being served by a workforce that includes people from or who understand their culture or religion.A perfect example of a company that has good diversity management is Accenture which has an incredible number of over 375,000 employees across the whole world. This is a company which has a principle concept of no discrimination of people because of differences in age, gender, race, religion or even sexual alignment (socialtalent, 2016). The company also has a diversity training program that addresses diversification awareness, management and development (socialtalent, 2016).I am a huge admirer of diversification and seeing that different organization have implemented policies and strategies of improving their diversity management, it makes me happy as a person knowing that I and anyone else out there has a chance to work in a company and location of his/her choice as without fear of belonging to a certain religion, race or culture.References:cfi. (2017, December 19). What is Diversity Management? Retrieved from cfi:  (2016, August 7). 10 Companies Around the World That Are Embracing Diversity in a BIG Way. Retrieved from socialtalent: