Diversity Management

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Initially, companies were only focused on their profits. However, the attention has now shifted towards customer relationship management. Apple Inc has been expanding its operations to different markets across the world. However, in some markets, customers want to be associated with products that have been produced by the local population. This has hampered the company’s ambitions to use foreign subordinates in the subsidiaries. Instead, the firm is forced to employ the local population in order for the firm to gain the local status. For instance, in China, the company had to acquire a local firm which had already segmented the market and use it to enter the Chinese market (Magala, 2005). Besides increasing the overall performance of the business in the market, the move enabled the company to acquire local employees who were conversant with the local culture. Therefore, they advised the company on effective marketing strategies that are compatible with people’s culture. This was instrumental in the overall success of the Apple Company in the Chinese market. Currently, companies are trying to reduce the risks and uncertainties associated with concentrating on a single market and product. Apple Inc has created an internal innovative culture which has made it possible for the organization to come up with innovative products and services, an aspect that has enabled the firm to retain its competitive position in the market despite high competition and an influx of cheap products (Guynn, 2014. In the past five years, the company has recorded high growth which is attributed to its diverse workforce which is able to understand the varying needs of the target market. The expanding market requires companies to have a workforce that can deal with varying challenges that arise each day. Currently, the market has become dynamic. The tastes and preferences of the target market keep on changing. Therefore, the companies are required to have employees who have varying ways of dealing with arising issues in the market.