Diversity Management and the Tool for Eliminating Discrimination

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There are a number of benefits of managing the workplace diversity but it will only happen if possible barriers are halted. We will further elaborate on our opinion in this whole study. The purpose of this study is to assemble a list of writings which address diversity issues as they relate to various aspects of business and employment. It elaborates the potential barriers which may hamper in managing diversity, different theories and quoted are included in this study which makes it more interesting. This study shows that what are the positive points of diversity management and how diversity management enhances the performance of the individuals as well as the organization. It will develop the skills which are essential to managing a workforce team. In this article, we will study how a diversified work team enhances the productivity of an organization and how we can mitigate the hazards of diversity.nOrganizations are formed with a major aim to earn profits but to earn profits, dedication and hard work is required, apart from compelling the employees to do the work. Management or the managers are supposed to manage their employees and their work in a professional manner which is ethical and appreciable as well. Proper management will ultimately increase the performance and motivate the employees because according to Steven Kopin self-motivated employees are more productive and dedicated rather than the unmotivated ones. The most important human activity is managing. Ever since people began forming groups to accomplish aims they could not achieve as individuals, managing has been essential to ensure the coordination of individual efforts. As society has come to rely increasingly on group effort, and as many organized groups have become large, the task of managers has been rising in importance. The aim of all managers is the same: to create asurplus.