Diversity in american society (Quiz)

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Diversity In American Society (Quiz) Affiliation What is al heterosexism? a. The societal promotion that heterosexuality is the norm and anything else is deviant
c. Established laws, customs, and practices that discriminate against people who are not heterosexual
d .The assumption that everyone is a heterosexual.
2) What did the results suggest about sexual behaviors in the worlds largest study of twins in 2008?
a. Human sexuality is on a continuum that ranges from heterosexual to homosexual.
b. Men were more likely to participate in homosexual behaviors than women
c. Sexual behavior is shaped by both genetics and environmental factors
d. All humans possess a heterosexual orientation.
3) How have schools reinforced racial disparities?
a. By providing supplemental materials to biased textbooks
b. By continuing the racial desegregation trends of the 1970s into the 1990s and beyond
d. By tracking students by ability levels
4)In an election year, the male candidate wants to show that women are making progress in their earning potential. What can he say in his speech that is accurate about the earnings of men and women?
b. Overall, women are just as likely to receive a raise and a gain a promotion as a man
c.More women are in leadership roles in the United States than in any other country.
d. Women in the age range of 16 to 24 are earning 93% of what their male peers are earning.
5) Using the definition, which of the following would be considered sexual harassment?
a. Darri and Yvan flirt at an office party but neither pursues the other because it is against the policy for coworkers to date.
c. Leon keeps asking Meagan out for drinks even though she has a boyfriend and keeps refusing him.
d. Tracy and Ned are dating and keep getting caught making out in the supply closet.
6) Which definition best defines "sexism"?
a. Normal patterns for the relationships between a dominant group and a subordinate group
b. An attitude, action, or institutional structure that limits a person on the basis of sex
c. An attitude, action, or institution structure that limits females due to their gender.
7)How does individualism reinforce racism?
b. It assumes there is a level playing field where everyone has the same chance to succeed and failure is based on individual shortcomings.
c. It reinforces the idea that people who have succeeded did so because of their race and class rather than individual ability and hard work.
d. It attributes the success of people to unfair advantages from outside sources rather than to their individual talents and skills.
8) How did the development of machines in the second half of the 1800s affect employment?
b. Machines streamlined production and farming and eliminated the jobs of many workers.
c. In urban areas, jobs for skilled artisans increased because machines were unable to compete with humans.
d. Wages increased because of the skill needed to operate the machines.
9) After interviewing for a federal job, Eric, a white male, argues that he did not get the job because the federal government is required to hire minorities and women based on affirmative action quotas. What is wrong with his argument?
b.Quotas have never been mandated or required under affirmative action.
c.Although quotas are mandated for private businesses, governmental jobs are not required to follow them.
d.Race can be used as only one factor when considering applicants for federal employment.
10) Americans are most likely to blame poverty on ?
a. Social injustice and changes in the modern world
b.Lack of jobs
c.Lack of effort or ability