Dismantling Binaries

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Individuals are handled/treated according to the box in which they belong to. However, what ought to be put into consideration by the box creators is that not all individuals in the society will fit in the created boxes. Some will tend to belong to none of them, or perhaps, in some cases, belong to both of them, something which makes it necessary for the dismantlement of the binaries (Lucal 519).The process of box creation, once completed, is culminated by vested interests in bid to ensure that they remain in place. This serves as the background of the differences observed in the treatment given to the different categories of individuals in the society resulting in social inequality. For instance, categorization of persons either as boy or girl/male or female leaves some individuals out with no specific box to belong to. These kinds of individuals include the transgender, gay and bisexuals. This therefore infers that, the treatment of individuals based on the two kinds of boxes (boy or girl/male or female), then any other person not belonging to any of the boxes (falling out of either box) for example, the intersexed and transgender individuals, will not be taken care of.A good example of how individuals who fall out of the created boxes suffer can be seen in the various gender-based sporting activities. For instance, we only have athletics for either men or women. This means that those individuals bearing both the male and female characteristics do not have a room for participation in the game even when they would have wished to. Boarding/accommodation facilities in school/learning institutions and public lavatories (which are either labeled as Male or Female) are yet other ways in which some individuals are discriminated against as a result of this process of categorizing individuals. (Lucal, 781).There are various problems associated with creation of these restrictive boxes as far as both gender