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Perceptual mapping entails developing schematic representations that reflect how products or services compare to those of the competitors on dimensions most important to success in the industry” (David and David, 2017). The perceptual map based on price and quality as well as nutrition could be helpful to Hershey. This mapping technique can assist Hershey in identifying its position compared to the company’s competitors. A key element for the future success of Hershey is a strong marketing strategy and product positioning.Production positioning is defined as the act of designing the image of the firm’s offering so that target customers understand and appreciate what the product stands for with its competitors (Kohli and Leuthesser, 1993). Hershey having an understanding of their price, quality, and nutritional position will allow the company to make better evaluations of product undertakings. Analyzing the map, you can see where Hershey compares to its competitors. The result of this map can also be used to increase the quality of the product.References:David, F. R. & David, F. R. (2017). Strategic management (16th ed.). Pearson.Kohli, C. S., & Leuthesser, L. (1993). Product positioning: A comparison of perceptual mapping techniques.The Journal of Product and Brand Management,2(4), 10.Price/Qualityimage_84810616531587687718397.pngMap2.docxPosted: 2 hours agoDue: 26/04/2020Budget: $10Tags: Thanksreplyessayguruessay guruAnswers 0Bids 100Dr. Michelle_KMDiscount AnsDiscount AssignMichelle GoodManProCastrol01Quality AssignmentsGabriella MalkEARNESTWRITEREmily ClareEssays GuruProf. Kaylinlopezuniversity workPaula HogDr R Judy Markabdul_rehman_Guruu MathProf James KelvinKATHERINE BECKShassan0906Agher EditorRESPECT WRITERRosie SeptemberAmanda Smithwizard kimElprofessorijuliusmu33UNDISPUTED GEEKProf.MacQueenEmily MichaelStano 001Terry RobertsJessica LuisTutor Cyrus KenTutor danielUrgent TutorBrainy BrianDexterMastersPROF. ANNBrilliant GeekPhd christineNursing_MissEva GreenQuickly answer Dr WillymartinskatetutorClytemnestraprof avrilmichael smithProf. ClariseSaburBprofessor mitchkim woodsbrilliant answersProff work phd Cotton CandyMathStat GeniusMiss ProfessorRELIABLE PAPERSRey writerAshley Ellie Angelina MayResearchGuru555Dr shamille ClaraJenny BoomTutorJoeKimDrNicNgaofastestwriter1Homework ProWendy LewisAbdullah AnwarExpert AhmedJudithTutorphyllis youngwork solutionsSaad FahimChrisProfJOHN JUNIOR001runge-kutta acersmart-tutorO'conorJen Tech1A-Grade WriterMichelle OwensWIZARD_KIMPROFJUMAAAMadam JosephineBentaylorProf.StewartPhd isaac newtonJenifer Jones Miss Lily J.suniyaziaMiss_AqsaRihAN_MendozaAmelia IrisEssayProfessorEUROPEAN WRITERkatty_julietThe KnightHawks EyeOther questions 10BONIETA123″Foundations of Strategic Management” Please respond to the following:Public and Not for Profit AccountingImportant critical essayBusiness Case and Proposal for Project Selection for “katetutor” onlycross-cultural perspectiveBoard Feet Calculationsneed i on timeRestructuring Your OrganizationHSA 515 Week 1Not ratedDiscussion Reply- (My original Discussion is in the attachments)segment of Hershey’s business.Perceptual maps prove to be useful for a few different reasons, such as assessing strengths and weaknesses relative to competing brands based on certain criteria …26/04/202010businessfinance