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segment of Hershey’s business.Perceptual maps prove to be useful for a few different reasons, such as assessing strengths and weaknesses relative to competing brands based on certain criteria that is important to the customer. It helps to identify the competitive advantage for the brand. It identifies market opportunities signified by empty spaces on the map. It also shows how ideal points shifts as the market matures thereby helping a company shift its positioning in order to retain or gain a competitive advantage (Bagaria, 2019). As a result, product-positioning maps offer strategic information to corporate executives and marketing managers that are assigned with the role of strategic planning (David & David, 2017). Ultimately, this information will aid Hershey in determining and assessing product and brand positioning. I personally am not a fan of chocolate, so I do not prefer any of the products that Hershey, Mars or Nestle has to offer.Step 2:Product-positioning Map for Hershey Company Healthy versions of junk food favorites can be great alternatives to the real deal, with today’s society gearing more towards healthy snack food it is good to know the nutrition content in popular products. According to Lisa Defazio a registered dietitian, sugars, calories, and fat are the best numbers to look at to determine how “healthy” candy is (DiNuzzo, Rocketto, 2017). Note that it is difficult to distinguish health candy, so these choices are based on low to no fat. After researching and plotting the competitor’s brands including pricing/ quality and calorie/ nutrition content, Hershey can use this information to find and ideal position for the brand. A place next to an existing brand is to be selected if and only if their market offering is weak and it is easy to win their customers. Other than that, Hershey should attempt to use this information to differentiate themselves in the market by zeroing in on their healthier products. This is the consumer’s mind will have them stand out. ReferencesBagaria, A. (2019 July 21). Product and Brand Positioning Map. Branding Essentials/ Marketing Essentials. Feedough. Retrieved from:, E. Rocketto, L. (2017 October 20). The Healthiest Halloween Candy, Ranked From ‘Worst to ‘Best’ for You. Insider. Retrieved from: 3 hours agoDue: 26/04/2020Budget: $10Tags: ThanksreplyAnswers 1Giant Research (Not rated) (Not rated)Chata minute agoPurchase the answer to view itAnswerDocument.docxTry it first(plagiarism check)Buy answer $7Bids 71Prof.StewartProCastrol01Emily Clareabdul_rehman_WIZARD_KIMEssays Gurujuliusmu33Rosie SeptemberBridget YoungMathStat GeniusDr WillymartinsRihAN_Mendozabrilliant answersProf.MacQueenprofessor mitchStano 001work solutionsClytemnestraEmily Michaelmichael smithDr shamille ClaraRESPECT WRITERfactorised_factsANN HARRISTutor danielDrNicNgaoTutor Cyrus KenKATHERINE BECKSDexterMastersElprofessorikim woodsResearchGuru555Nursing_MissTutorJoeKimJenny BoomWendy LewisUNDISPUTED GEEKPhd isaac newtonSaburBCotton CandyQuickly answer Michelle OwensProf. ClariseMiss Professorrunge-kutta acerChrisProfBrainy BrianJessica LuisAbdullah AnwarJudithTutorSaad FahimProff work phd Dr R Judy MarkAshley Ellie Brilliant GeekJen Tech1prof avrilSenior Advanced WriterPROFJUMAAAMiss Lily J.Eva GreensuniyaziaA-Grade WriterMiss_AqsaAgher EditorAmelia IrisEssayProfessorturtor odengiHawks Eyekatty_julietThe KnightOther questions 10Proposal Revision Sexism Reflection Essay . APA format. read the article and reflect on the statement using the article Essay Work For Expert Ahmed. Research I. Week 6answer questions Short paperclassification essayGeneric Criticism (Rhetoric)Math trig help.WrkNot ratedDiscussion Reply- (My original Discussion is in the attachments)Perceptual mapping entails developing schematic representations that reflect how products or services compare to those of the competitors on dimensions most important to success in the industry” …Not ratedDiscussion Reply- (My original Discussion is in the attachments)segment of Hershey’s business.Perceptual maps prove to be useful for a few different reasons, such as assessing strengths and weaknesses relative to competing brands based on certain criteria …26/04/202010businessfinance