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Your company needs a Training Delivery Platform. Your a schedule to research platforms for your company. You are a Government contractor. Find a delivery platform that will work for your company.Create a Chart comparing of Training Delivery Platforms you use for your business. Give a description of what each platform has to offer.Compare the Pros & Cons of each platform to each other. Example of some of the Platforms you should use in your comparison. (Linkedin Learning, Moodle, Blackboard, 360 Learning, Skillsoft, SABA, and Coursera).I Have also attach a document as an example of what the chart should look like.Here are some of the questions that should be ask for your business:1. Accessible from Government Computers2. Tracks training completions3. Can schedule/register ILT classes4. Provides reports on training completion5. Can track training completed outside of the platform6. Supervisors can review training status7. Trainers can grade activities8. Can enter attendance records9. Incorporates blended learning10. Approved by FRTIB11. Cost12/05/202010humanresource-management