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Title: The Origin of LanguageThread: It is clear from a biblical and scientific perspective that language is a uniquely human activity. The scientific enigma that encompasses language origin centers on whether language can be a naturally evolving entity or whether it points to and requires a designer. There is ample biblical information supporting the emergence of language from a creator. However, there are many people who will reject the Bible as a reliable source. Therefore, develop a response to someone asking about the origin of language using nonbiblical and scientific support. Be sure to include APA formatted references and citation.References:Taylor, C. (1997). The Origin of Language. Journal Creation.,E. (2001)The Origin of Language. Respond to at least 2 of your peers’ comments with a rich and relevant response.I will post the Responses to be done after I have uploaded the main POST. however, I will make the payment for Both Upfront.I will need the Response to be sent as soon as I post the 2 RESPONSE POSTS17/05/202015english