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(Discussion Post)To prepare for this Discussion, consider Case 13.2, “How Safe Is Safe?” on pages 351–352 of Northouse (2016) and review the Albert, Reynolds, and Turan (2015), Lawton and Páez (2015), Hoover and Pepper (2015), and Gustafson (2013) articles provided in this week’s Learning Resources.Post your application of ethical frameworks to the ethical dilemma posed in the case study. In your application, do the following: Justify your proposed solution, and explain the reasoning you used to arrive at your solution. Incorporate the justifications you provided in response to the Case 13.2. Apply the ethical framework(s) outlined in the Learning Resources or in other scholarly literature that aligns with your reasoning. Explain how your reasoning aligns with those frameworks.Be sure to support your work with a minimum of two specific citations from this week’s Learning Resources and one or more additional scholarly sources.(Paper)To prepare for this Assignment, think of a situation where a leadership team encountered a situation where things did not go well and they were faced with an ethical dilemma. Analyze what could have happened had they applied the appropriate decisions. Offer your solutions using an ethical framework.Submit a 4-page analysis (excluding cover page and References section) of the ethical situation. Your analysis must include the following: A brief (1 paragraph) explanation of the ethical dilemma An explanation of the ethical framework that, if applied by the organization to make its decision, would have resolved the ethical dilemma, including support for your analysis from scholarly research An examination of both the positive and negative consequences of the decision, including the trade-offs that the leadership of the organization made in making their decisionIndefenseofautilitarianbusinessethic.pdfHow_did_They_Say_That_Ethics_.pdfDeveloping_a_Framework_for_Eth.pdfTurning_Inward_or_Focusing_Out.pdfChapter13_Casestudy13.2.docxPosted: a year agoDue: 05/10/2018Budget: $65Answers 1Creative Instructor5.0 (77)4.9 (1k )Chathere is the workAnswer rating:5Stars out of1ratingsa year agoPurchase the answer to view itDiscussionPost-HowSafeIsSafe.docAnEthicalDilemma.docBuy answer $65Bids 86Dr.ManahilCreative InstructorEssays GurufarhatullahSynco_SolutionsHonest Business WriterPILOT RIGHTAngelina MayBusiness WriterThe grAdewizard kimprof avrilAshley ClaireAllRoundBest TutorHELPCLICKFadia NawazPhD FizacaspianoANN HARRISnicohwilliamMiss Brigitnadia tutorMich MichieJOHN JUNIOR001expro254Expert_Tutor23kamranbhattiassignmentgradeAmanda SmithPotty PavarottiProf_DismuzGoodwriterCharandryMBA MASTERKATHERINE BECKSsmart solverMerit-writerprofessor HarveyClytemnestraCatherine OwensZeek the GeekMadam Writerprofessor.jannetGreat-WritersAccA Eco Bus Aleena SheikhprofwachgraceWendy LewisProf James KelvinkatetutorPremiumMadam A plusPROF washington watsonRey writerDr. AmeerahWittyPenman001RasWriterperfectoChrisProfChance Of a Lifetymkim woodsDr.Tournier WoodMiss ProfessorPROF. KATELYNTheKingWriterProf. KaylinlopezTerry Robertsbest tutor 2014suraya_PhDphyllis youngDr shamille ClaraLindah-Proffwork solutionsGradeSaverProf. MintellaPROFF ATKINS PHDkristine tutorAcuteMorganYoung Kim hoodsFinance & EconJohn Roscophyl doctorkingzeroBismillahDaphne MurrayWOODS KINGOther questions 10PragmatismFor njosh onlyExceptional Geek The one and only Tutor for mePsychology helpJob search Judicial Independencenursing helppaper210exceptionalgeekAssignment 3: Long-Term Investment DecisionsNot ratedRespond to two of your colleagues’ postings in one or more of the following ways:Critique your colleague’s solution by identifying two strengths and weaknesses of your colleague’s analysis. Offer a suggestion to improve upon the weaknesses.Please note that, for each …05/10/201865education