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Discuss your thoughts on how the future of IOT devices will impact digital forensics and an examiner’s response to an event involving a connected device.Resources: Incident Response & Computer Forensics, 3rd Edition Any digital forensic forum or blog such as Forensic Focus(Links to an external site.), SANS Digital Forensics Blog(Links to an external site.), or the Magnet Forensics Blog(Links to an external site.).Posted: 20 hours agoDue: 22/04/2020Budget: $5Tags: goodurgent Answers 0Bids 73Madem_JenniferDiscount AssignRewrick PatandMusyokionesTeacher TrumahnGabriella MalkKATHERINE BECKShassan0906Sasha SpencerDexterMastersRanchoddas Chanchad PhDRosie SeptemberWIZARD_KIMbennetsandovaRESPECT WRITERProCastrol01Emily MichaelBrilliant GeekPROF. ANNRihAN_MendozaAgher EditorCatherine OwensTiny Chrisprofessor mitchMichelle OwensJenny BoomUNDISPUTED GEEKTutor Cyrus KenMadam JosephineJessica Luisbrilliant answersPhd christineCasey Celiaprof avrilNursing_MissYoung Kim hoodsDr Candice_2547TutorJoeKimChrisProfSaburBansRohanDaniel Johnsonsmart-tutorDrNicNgaoMiss ProfessorANN HARRISWendy LewisCotton CandyDr R Judy MarkProf.MacQueenkim woodsRey writercomputerscienceAdrian MonroeExpert AhmedAbdullah Anwarfirstclass tutorSaad FahimJen Tech1A-Grade WriterTerry RobertsProff work phd magz64phyllis youngCourseCrackerElprofessoriHarris KhansuniyaziaElaine CarterTutor-paulaMiss_AqsaHawks Eyekatty_julietOther questions 10Academic Research EssayBHE 418 SLP 1 Discussion Questions Adaptive Motives for Social Situations, via Cultures and Brains Journalize the following transactions for Shelton, Inc (a)Incurred direct labor costs of $22,700 for 3,130 hours. The standard labor cost was $23,319. (b) Assigned 3,130 direct labor hours costing $22,700 to production. Standard hours were 3, studyMKT/571Who can finish this tonight? FOR “NICOLE TUTOR” ONLYHomeland security forum response 303 a written report of approximately 3 double-spaced typed pages,You will select a topic that is covered within the assigned chapters for this…Rated 1 timesDiscussion QuestionDiscuss your view on theCSI Effect – Expectations versus Limitations.Resources: Incident Response & Computer Forensics, 3rd Edition Any digital forensic forum or blog such as , , or …Rated 1 timesDiscussion BoardDiscuss some of the similarities and differences that you see in working as a digital forensics examiner for a government entity versus a corporate employer.Resources: Incident Response …Rated 1 timesWeekly DiscussionDiscuss which forensic tools would be best for a single computer incident response and support your opinion for Commercial or Open Source and Free Tools.Resources: Incident Response & …Rated 2 timescomputer scienceResearch and discuss a well known public incident response or data breach to include how the system was compromised and how the problem was remediated or what could have been done to prevent …22/04/20205computerscience