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post a one paragraph summary of the lecture with 300 words at least.(Theories and designs. ppt. (attachment)on another page answer two classmates separately, one paragraph for each answer (peer 1, peer 2).Peer 1,Theories and DesignsPatricia PineiroBehaviorism focuses on learning as expressed through behavior. Behaviorism can be a good theory to use in a pre-test scenario, to measure how much students already know on a topic, and therefore where to begin instruction. In contrast to behaviorism’s emphasis on the learner’s outward performance, cognitivism shifts the focus to internal, to the learners’ processing of information, and their ability to relate new information to preexisting knowledge. Emphasis is placed on the learners’ organization of information. cognitivist approach is ideal for teaching higher levels of learning, such as critical analysis and problem-solving. Lastly, constructivism focuses even more on what the individual knows already about the topic being learned. Focusing on preexisting knowledge and the backgrounds of each learner, constructivists believe that learners apply new knowledge and that therefore they will construct their own meaning from the new material. These are used in conjunction with the “ID” Instructional Design for Standards Based Education is the ADDIE model analysis design, development, implementation, evaluation. This is used as a guide for an instructional model using instructional objectives as a main ingredient for designing instruction.Peer 2“Theories and Designs”This chapter is about theories and designs and how to take them to the practice. We could say in general that educational technology is the theory and practice of the development method as well as an evaluation of important resources to ensure the success of this procedure. In other hand, the learning theory try to define the nature of human learning by describing this process and detailing how to achieve and assess learning goals with success. At the same time, it is completely necessary to integrate the Learning Theory and the Educational Technology by using both with the same objective by increasing the knowledge in students, helping them to accomplish their greatest capacities as well as ensure the efficiencies in the instruction process.References:Integrating Educational Technology into Teaching, 8th edition, 2019 M. D. Roblyer, Aaron H. Doering, ISBN-978013474641812/05/202012education