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Natural resources being utilized for energy production encompassing fossil fuel such as coal, petroleum and natural gas are limited and are going to exhaust soon, therefore, it becomes highly imperative to seek renewable resources. Photosynthesis is the process where plants utilize solar energy to synthesize sugar with the help of carbon-di-oxide and water. The process requires chlorophyll molecule and the enzyme RuBP carboxylase. The process is an anabolic process. Considering the fact that solar energy is the renewable source of energy, available in plenty, does not have any side effects or emissions and is not going to exhaust for another few million years, scientist are attempting to mimic the process of photosynthesis to generate energy. Artificial photosynthesis was performed in Edinburgh, Scotland (September, 2011) in order to get energy, to meet the escalating demand of energy (Styring, 2012).
As photosynthesis is carried out in the plant cells it is difficult to meet the energy requirement of augmenting population. Photovoltaic cells or PV cells or solar cells generate electricity using sunlight as the source of energy. These cells are made up of solar panels to trap solar energy and convert it into electric energy which is utilized for various energy requiring processes. The process is environment friendly but these solar panels have to be modified to generate large amount of energy. Physicists are trying hard to utilize solar energy to its maximum and therefore solar plants are being encouraged where large number of solar panels in wide area are being affixed to trap maximum solar energy to generate electricity. Besides solar panels, solar lighting, solar pumps, solar chargers, solar fans, solar heaters for hot water are created and encouraged to have cost-effective renewable solar energy conversion into different forms of energy such as electrical energy, heat energy etc.("Solar Panels").
Trapping solar energy to generate various forms of energy is another way to imitate the process of photosynthesis. Plants are an inspiration for humans to make maximum use of natural energy source, the solar energy in the most advantageous manner.
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