Discuss the weaving together od induction and deduction with imperical evidence in the scientific method

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The products included an expanded body of knowledge, tools and techniques (The dawn of Science, p.26). The nature itself was the tutor for the ancient human being. He has learned many things from the nature by observations, testing and analysis. He has devised many methodologies and formulated many concepts based on his experiences with the interaction of nature. Though he was unaware of many natural phenomena at that time, his interaction with nature has made him aware the common patterns associated with all the nature’s activities such as day and night and summer and winter. The scientific method has emerged through these careful observations and analysis of nature’s activities.General principle and scientific principle have lot of differences. General principle may not have any scientific evidences. For example sun is believed to be rises in the east. But east, west, north, south concepts are relative and all such things are mere assumptions and have noScientific method of inquiry usually associated with gathering observable, empirical and measurable evidence subject to specific principles of reasoning. Scientific method consists of the collection of data through observation and experimentation. These data will be used to formulate hypothesizes. From these hypothesizes, conclusions will be made. Scientific method is the method adopted by scientists in their investigation of various phenomena. It is a systematic and orderly method of solving problems. Whatever be the nature of the problems, the scientists adopt a cautious and methodical procedure that helps him to acquire valid and verifiable conclusions.Sensing of the problem is the first step in scientific method followed by the research. The research will provide lot of data which will be used for generating various hypothesizes. These hypothesizes will be tested and then the conclusion will be made which will lead to the formulation of laws. Such formulated laws