Discuss the relationship between law and outlawry in the Hollywood Western and you should focus upon Pale Rider (Clint Eastwood 1985) and Unforgiven (Clint Eastwood 1992)

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The different movie genres also deliver diverse brands of justice. Where modern movies would often highlight violence and the implementation of the laws, other genres may feature the concept of eye-for-an-eye and of righteousness. Regardless of these genres and their varying applications, Hollywood movies show alternate takes of situations that may not always be commonly seen in the real world. The genre of Hollywood westerns features a unique trend in law and outlawry which have spawned many movies and television series. No more has this genre featured as much than by the actor and director Clint Eastwood. Eastwood has several movies under his belt where the battle of good and of Western-style justice has been carried out. And how that justice has been carried out has not always been applicable to the real world. Nevertheless, it is a brand of outlawry and justice which contains much room for discussion. This paper shall discuss the relationship between law and outlawry in the Hollywood Western, with particular focus on Clint Eastwood’s Pale Rider and Unforgiven movies.The movie Pale Rider features a conflict between poor miners and the rich and powerful Coy LaHood who owns the hydraulic mining outfit in the town. LaHood expressed his intention of wanting to take over the poor miners’ land. When one of these poor miners is roughed up by the goons which LaHood hired, he is assisted by a drifter, played by Clint Eastwood. This drifter later reveals his minister’s collar and earns the name Preacher. The story further develops and leads into the final showdown between corrupt US Marshall Stockburn with his deputies and the Preacher. Cockburn believes that after seeing old bullet wounds on the Preacher’s back that the latter fits the description of a man who died years back.During the showdown, the Preacher successfully kills the marshal and with the help of one of the miners, LaHood is also killed. With their deaths, peace is successfully restored to the miners, and inadvertently, to the pale rider as well.