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RIGHTS pilicy themes in relation to apractice setting(FAMILIES AND CHILDREN CONTACT CENTRE)A social policy should thus provide a child centred model to enable the social workers working with families and children provide services without any difficult. This would also empower children to navigate through the family change using a holistic systematic approach Alcock et al.2007). The changing nature of family life and children demands that policies should be flexible to adapt to these changing circumstances. Needs and rights themes in policies are very important in relation to working with families and children. There is need for collective social response to address these issues. Needs and rights policy themes if well formulated can regulate how families and children in need of the social care can be assisted (Spicker 2008). In working with families I have realized that children are in dire need of achieving their rights and meeting their needs. This can only be done with a policy that focuses on the rights and needs of children in question (Barnett amp. Hustedt, 2005). In my engagement with the families and children, I found out that many children suffer from sexual abuse, physical abuse, serious willful neglect that affects them mentally. This includes failure to provide for them the necessities of life or where a child witnesses violence resulting in or having the potential to result to serious injury to a family member or even death. The child protection protocol states that such instances should be reported to the policy for investigation but have found out that in many instances these cases are not investigated and if investigated the government do not take any action (Dickens, 2010). There should be a policy to address these issues affecting children and families. The policy available does not address fully the issues that we experience at the contact centre. Many of the issues are tricky and hence demand a harmonious consideration of the issues and provide the necessary support but this can only be possible the social policy will be in place to addresses the needs and rights of the families and children involved. Most children need social support from other people to survive and this support with a well established framework will enable them to avoid stress. Social support should be the major theoretical framework of the policies that are formulated. For children at risk, accessible and positive social support can play a vital role in addressing their needs and rights (Barnett amp. Hustedt, 2005). Children and families we work with have needs and rights that are fundamental and if timely interventions are not taken, these rights and needs would not be realized. Working with families and children one realizes that in spite of the challenges that most of them go through, they have survived and are capable of leading a successful live. Therefore one of the needs and rights of the families and children undergoing difficulties should be entrenched in policies because their rights have to be protected despite the challenges. While working with children and families at the contact centre I realized that children in separated families have a higher chance of encountering many problems in life. For instance, most perform poorly in school, they are usually in need of medical attention and need help in most of other areas to ensure they attain their full potential. We work with parents to support them through the changes that