Discrimination Against Asian Americans

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Double jeopardy means having low status on two different dimensions of stratification. (David, Lynn Suzanne, 2007).Example of double jeopardy faced by Asian Americans is an Asian American also being a Muslim. Muslims have to go through severe discrimination all over the world especially after the 9-11 propaganda. Asian Muslims in America have been labeled as terrorists. They suffer the problems of doubt and mistrust since the ‘9-11’ incident. Moreover, it gets even worse if the Asian American Muslim male has a beard. Just by the outlook the person is pointed at and labeled as one of the terrorist groups that dwell in Asian tribal areas. I have not been a victim of the double jeopardy discrimination as although being an Asian American minority, I am not a Muslim. As compared to those Muslims who are affected by this, I find myself in a better position. At workplace I am not judged by my appearance or my religion, instead the quality of my work. I am not labeled to be a terrorist and neither do the Native American employees find it hard to trust me unlike double jeopardized Asian American Muslims. In their daily operation, the institutions of society may function in such a way that they produce unequal outcomes for different groups. This is calledinstitutional discrimination. … Major example here is the American criminal justice system which is dominated by native Whites from top to bottom whether it be the lowest rank police constable or the highest rank judge. This makes the judiciary less effective because they cannot understand the problems faced by the minorities as their own bias over rules. When most of the people in an institution are native Whites, bias against minorities is inevitable. I have been affected by this institutionaldiscrimination. A few years ago, when I graduated from high school I wanted to apply in a university for bachelors in Maryland with a couple of Native American friends. I had my high school grades better than all my friends but when we all went to get the application forms and meet the administration to inquire about the admission details, a man from the janitorial staff came to me and told me not to waste money by applying and that i will not be selected having being an Asian American to which million others will be preferred. I ignored the comment at that time but found out later when my application was rejected and all my other friends got in, that it was true. I had been a victim of discrimination again. Glass ceiling are those artificial barriers based on attitudinal or organizational bias that prevent qualified individuals from advancing upward in their organization into management-level positions. (U.S.Department of Labor, 1991) Asian Americans are affected by the glass ceiling tremendously. One of the uncountable examples is the unfair process of recruitment in different organizations in U.S.A. Native Americans are preferred over every minority of which Asian Americans are always the most neglected ones. When companies are hiring new employees Asian Americans face