Discovering Statistics Using SPSS

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The data for this report was collected using a standardized questionnaire. The questionnaire contained three sets of questions. The first set comprised 21 separate questions concerning five dimensions of service quality. Sub-questions 1 through 6 focused on tangible elements of the service. Sub Questions 20 and 21 measured the empathy dimension, whilst 16 through 19 measured the assurance dimension. Questions 7, 10,11,12 focused on reliability with 8, 9, 13,14,15 measuring responsiveness.These questions followed a similar format to previous research in this field, such that measurement validity was maintained. a 5 point scale was used to allow respondents to rate the service performance. The second set of questions attempted to get the respondents to weight the importance they attached to each of the five dimensions of service quality. The third set of questions were ‘key independent variables’ which measured respondent characteristics. These allowed us to ascertain the demographics of the sample and facilitate analysis of variance later. The questionnaire was pre‐tested for face validity with potential users of the sports center. There were no problems with face validity and the questionnaire was deemed to be reliable.The sampling method took the form of a probability sample of students at the University in question. The sampling frame was composed of the email addresses of all students. Using simple random sampling a sample size of 200 was deemed appropriate ‐ with the potential sampling error of 9%. The research used a structured questionnaire which is characterized by a diverse scales. the questionnaire was divided into three categories. The first questionnaire was determined to assess the service quality of the sports center. the results obtained on a five-point Linkert scale. The second part of the questionnaire attempted to evaluate the most important sports’ services and facilities according to the views of the students. the importance was measured on a scale of one-hundred percent.