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In my opinion, I strongly agree with her. Artificial and chemically based products are very harmful not only to the environment, not only to flora and fauna and the different wildlife on this Earth, but these products are also harming the very people making and manufacturing them, humans. I believe that we should just remain faithful to natural and organic ways. It is a lot safer, without risks.The problem is that our world now overlooks the flaws and the dangers of using these kinds of products. The many consequences that are slowly becoming evident in our surroundings are still being ignored and neglected by most people. They continue to use them, not knowing that the little damage and destruction are accumulating. These chemical deposits are building up everywhere.In the chapters of Rachel Carson’s book, she tells the cause of ill-health which is from strong artificial toxins from pesticides. Humankind has permanently infected the earth and we are infecting ourselves. Rachel Carson then encourages us to look at the proof for ourselves. She says, “We have beentravelinga road that seems easy but will end indisaster,”and that humans are creating chaos at a speed too swift for nature to heal.All the illnesses and the diseases that she describes in her imaginary town in America she says, “has actually happened somewhere, and many real communities have already suffered a substantial number of them."I think that if people want to save the Earth and to save their lives, then people should start looking into what they are using more often and more deeply. People should become more aware, more cautious about what kinds of products they are consuming because no one knows what kinds of effects certain chemicals might have in their bodies.This book has opened my eyes and has made me realize the real terrible situation of our Earth and that we are the very people who are causing the destruction of humankind and that to save it, we should do something and act quickly before time really does run out.