Disaster Risk Reduction

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Topic Disaster planning utilizing informatics What is unavoidable in one’s life is disaster. Nobody can prevent it. But the causalities anddamages can be reduced by imparting systematic plans and programs. With the help of science
By the timely and accurate information, and help, many are escaped from disasters which may be man-made or natural. Developments in the field of science make everything fast especially the distribution of information. Information technology causes big and great change in the field of medicine.

So there is no matter of doubt about the disaster, natural or man-made. We should prepare to manage the disaster. We have enough facilities to manage and save a life.
The communication system of today is efficient, powerful and fast. We can use the communication systems telephone, radio, video, fax, television, and other technological devices to communicate with the people who are in the area of disaster in advance.&nbsp.
Bypassing information about disaster in advance, the people in the area of disaster can save. Do not think that we can understand all about disaster in advance. The facility of science and technology of today will help us to understand the disaster in advance to some extent. So people can move to a safe area. The role of informatics is very valuable and in pre-disaster time and post-disaster time.
As we know that natural disasters very terrible and frightening. We have no control over them. So the role of informatics and modern information technology is very weak and not at all efficient. ( Craig H. Llewellyn) Science and information technology will become silent when these kinds of crucial and terrible natural disasters arrive.
Informatics can perform its valuable role in health care and medical field in somewhat great extent. But its role in disaster planning has many limitations. Even though it has limitations, it is unavoidable in disaster planning. It overcomes its all limitations by certain advantages. We must hope more developments in informatics in the field of disaster planning.