Disadvantage of Having Homosexuals Identify Themselves in the Military

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This initial draft was of an Executive Presidential Order terminating discrimination based on sexual orientation in the Armed Forces of the United States of America. This Presidential Memorandum .also authorized that any evaluations by the Secretary of Defense be an evaluation and implementation which is to be accomplished in a practical and realistic way, in accordance with the elevated standards of combat efficiency and unit cohesiveness that the United States Armed Forces must keep (Rand Corporation, 1993).
Rands National Defense Institute evaluated an ample range of topics that are of interest to the subject of the disadvantages of homosexuals disclosing their sexual preferences in the military. Seven foreign countries were examined and recommendations on the subject were sought from the police and fire departments of six American municipalities. This was accomplished in order to learn from the experiences of other individuals in other organizations with regard to the influence of the disadvantages of individuals disclosing their homosexuality on the preparedness and cohesiveness of those units. Public opinion with regards to the disadvantage of homosexuals disclosing their sexual preferences was examined, inclusive of the perspectives of military personnel who were serving on active duty. Scholarly literature on the effects of homosexuals disclosing their sexual preferences was consulted and the related health implications were also examined. A variety of legal and enforcement topics were examined in the research of the disadvantages of homosexuals disclosing their sexual preferences in the military was consulted (Rand Corporation, 1993). The conclusions of their research are the following:
Implementation of requirements that all United States Armed Forces personnel regardless of sexual preference, carry themselves in manners that improve appropriate order and discipline.
Implementation of a definition of inappropriate conduct, regardless of the perception of sexual preference.
Implementation of these requirements as to the appropriate conduct of military personnel, regardless of perceived sexual preference by the administrators at every level of the command structure (Rand Corporation, 1993).
This policy of equal treatment and nondiscrimination was to be concise .and communicated from the highest-ranking officers. These options should be effected as soon as possible. Notwithstanding the orientation of an individual’s sexual preferences, the conduct and behavior be coming to the United States Armed Forces personnel must be maintained (Rand Corporation, 1993).